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Welcome to the Office of the Revels!
Obviously not a Star Trek fan! lol

Grats to everyone. I take this to mean that Erudi isnt quitting for a while. Smile Yay!! Smile
Grats Rudi!

That grey box is gettin pretty big...
I wonder, does WOTLK have an achievement for most guild titles?
If D would add King of the Suiciders to

Thanks yall Smile
Got a pretty good GN for ya tonight, so get off of beta and stop by. Smile
Grats job tonight guys that GN was a blast!
Yeah, great job on GN tonight.. well last night really but ya know.
I had a blast!
Even if I did walk right in front of the final person we had to find then turn around and walk out lawl ^.^
I received an unsolicited suggestion from a friend that seems adaptable to GN or server party or something in between. Posting here for posterity.

The base idea is to create events that mimic the Olympics. Races, triathalon, long jump, dueling, summer, winter, anything goes so long as it can be a contest.

goood Ideas there Yeshe... they arent far away either..

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