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So sorry to hear about the passing of Arless.
(09-30-2017, 08:43 AM)Sangster-Perenolde Wrote: So sorry to hear about the passing of Arless.
Arless has been a fixture of this guild since he joined in 2006.  He was Family to us in the guild having been here so long, but former members Ericahalfbee and Dunmoor were his RL brothers and Selwyn his niece.  Our sympathies are shared with them, and our hearts ache as he was a dear friend to us.

I'm not friends with Ericahalfbee on FB, but I managed to track him down via email contacts and saw this post on his FB page yesterday:
  • RIP my big Brother [Arless]. My heart is broken. He was only 56.[He] passed away this morning after a combined battle with glioblastoma (brain tumor) and a myriad of bizarre and sudden heart conditions. I don't know the official cause of death right now, but it doesn't really matter. I've lost my best friend.
In his time in the guild Arless shared many stories, and has been (literally) a mentor to many through the Associate Mentor program.  Many of you reading this will have had him as your mentor.  His loss is deeply felt in the guild.

As is our usual custom in the guild when someone passes, we will have a memorial in-game during guild night tonight.  I posted this on FB, but we'll meet in Ratchet inn, raise a glass to our friend, and then have a long march to the Shrine of Fallen Warrior.

Farewell old friend.  You will be missed.
Take heart all. His real life has just begun:


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