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Finally got the Vial of the Sands recipe! Rundown!
I finally got the Vial of the Sands recipe!

After finishing farming herbs for the remaining 16 potions, I have the mount!

Archaeology tips:
  • Addon: Archaeo Helper by Biasha (awesome heads-up display often finding nodes in red or yellow! as well as instacasts travel form as druid!)
  • Addon: GatherMate 2 -> Import -> Archaeology (shows you all of the locations of all of the digs, very helpful. Try it for Herbalism as well!)
  • Methodology: Rather than run around all over Kalimdor, go to Pandaria, gather 2 crates then purchase the item that contains the Mantid Artifact Sonar Locator. Then spend the next 24 hours getting only Mantid artifacts into crates for over 70 creates then turn in for Tol'vir fragments. I may have lucked-out but it worked fine and obtained many achievements. My alchemist is happy.
Mount Macro: Shaman

  #showtooltip Sandstone Drake
  /cast [mod:shift] Sandstone Drake;
  /run if SecureCmdOptionParse"[nomod]"then C_MountJournal.SummonByID(0)end
  /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
  /use [indoors] Ghost Wolf

  shift = drake
  indoors = Ghost Wolf
  otherwise = Summon Random Favorite Mount

Mount Macro: Tailor

  /cast [mod:shift] Sandstone Drake; Flying Carpet

  shift = drake
  otherwise = Flying Carpet

Mount Macro: Balance Druid

  #showtooltip Sandstone Drake
  /cast [noform:4] Moonkin Form;
  /cast [mod:shift] Sandstone Drake;
  /cast [nomod:shift,nooutdoors]Cat Form;
  /cast [nomod:shift,outdoors] Travel Form;

  shift = drake
  indoors = cat
  otherwise = travel form
  (always tries to keep in Starry Moonkin Form as it looks awesome)

Mount Macro: Everyone Else

  #showtooltip Sandstone Drake
  /cast [mod:shift] Sandstone Drake;
  /run C_MountJournal.SummonByID(0)

  shift = drake
  otherwise = Summon Random Favorite Mount
Melisande Heart

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