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Court of Stars / The Arcway
I really need to get a group together to do one (or both) of these - the end bosses drop the Rank 3 Leatherworking patterns. They are mythic, pre-made group only. Must be 110 and 8000/12000 Honored with the Nightfallen to open.
i had to use group find pre-made group custom to get those for my self. most groups are looking for 840/845 iLevel. they were not to bad but i know the healer had a work out. lots of AoE damage.
I reckon I\'ll check there then - I\'m about 843 now so I should be gtg.
Rhodan, I haven\'t done any of those myself and I have been waaayyy behind this xpac. Hopefully the worst is behind me now. Maybe we need some mythic groups to get together.
late night and week ends i am around to tank mythics
Maybe tomorrow afternoon I\'ll be around to try Court of Stars. (I guess I\'ll have to study up on what to actually do this time!)

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