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Post Your Gratitude VI: Beyond the Final Frontier
Thanks to Ben for all his great work to keep Serenity going while I was moving. Smile
Thanks to Vladz for allowing me to beat you up in Hyjal for the final molten front achievement! I can put off PVP stuff for years!
Thanks to Tel and Vladz for the successful tour of Nagrand.
Thanks to Tel for crafting a purple gun for my hunter.
A belated but BIG thanks to my secret Santa for the great transmog gear.
Ack. Yes, thanks a lot for the transmog (Secret Santa), it got me started and I\'ve pretty much got my colors all right. There will always be new pieces to find, but good to get started!
Just got my Secret Santa stuff this week! Thank you SO very much for my <a href=\"\">Firewing</a>! Such a beautiful bird. :-D Thank you, as well, for the new gear. This was truly an amazing Secret Santa. :-D

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