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Post Your Gratitude VI: Beyond the Final Frontier
Thanks to Secret Santa and Sleeperclaws. Fun and useful stuff.
Thank you to Tel for my awesome sword and to Sckittles for my new boots. Smile You guys are so nice! Thank you!!
Huge thanks to Telonnar for assistance leveling up my tailoring on Chibichan! I\'m going to try to start a regular stream of bags into the guild vault (as well as get all my alts appropriately bagged).

Huge thanks to Cicif for his multiple dungeon runs with my druid, she is now 1% away from being my 9th 90 level toon.
My thanks go out to Sid for helping me test the RaceTracker addon\'s rise from the ashes.

Coding + cold medicine = weirdness.
A great big thanks to many Sleepers who helped me kill the Celestials - multiple times - so I could get my cloak!

A special thanks to Cicif for tanking and Fraise for being the only healer - and still keeping us alive!
Thanks to my on line family for a wonderful time.
Thanks to everyone for putting on an awesome party!
Thanks also to Tel for Yeshe\'s shiny new mace and offhand in the bank waiting for her to ding. Smile
It was a great time, it is a shame that 2K of the money Daris gave me fell out of a hole in my bag! Wink
Thanks for the 28 slot bag from Siddhi. Tel really needed the space. thanks alot.

thats one handy recipe I plan on earning over the summer once volidon is a bit better geared (and i have the shadow attack sequence down etc)
Shoutouts to Sckittles and Vicegrips are in order. Both have helped me level through the latter half of Cata content, be it by running me through dungeons or helping me kill stuff once I arrived in the Jade Forest. Sckittles hooked me up with MoP greens also...what nice fellers! Thanks so much guys! You all rock. :-)
Well this slacker finally dinged last night and I just wanted to offer up a shout out to especially Tel and Vice for their help. \'Twas awesome to have a half dozen pieces of very nice gear waiting! Thanks to you both!!
Barely squeezed that in before you have to run to 100!
Huge thanks to Tempy, Tink, Luxury and Neinna for their contributions of mats i needed to make Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros..thou it has already be counted in the guild achievement, it\'s still nice to know i managed to craft a legendary item. :-)
Thanks to Siddhi and Benemeji for all their work running the Serenity raid.

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