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Vault of Archavon (VoA)
Was perusing my character sheet today on the <a href=\"\">wowarmory</a>.

At the bottom there is this cool slider bar that shows you every raid in existence from Molten Core through Throne of Thunder and what your toon has done there.

I noticed a \"Vault of Archavon\" I\'ve never done (heck, never even heard of it!). Looks like something similar to Baradin hold?
It is - and a mount could possibly drop. As many times as I did it at level I never saw it drop.
Time for a mount run.
Vault of Archavon is the raid in Wintergrasp. Like Baradin Hold, the Alliance must be in control to access the instance. The Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth, which carries two passengers, can drop from any of the VOA bosses - and more than once in a single instance run.

Don\'t worry - be happy:
VOA is on the list for \"Raiding Fools\" GNs.
Good news is, it\'s easily soloable, so you won\'t need many people to go with you if you feel you want to make it a group effort.

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