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5.0.4 patch theme
I was thinking there must be something we could do to commemorate the mists pre-patch. Some achievements that are changing? if memory serves, scholomance is turning into a hogwartz-themed level 90 dungeon, perhaps hang out in the area and run through it for kicks? Or do something with a.w.e. Themed around our locks riding around on mounts that level 20 toons would be unlikely to have Smile just some thoughts. enjoy.
The new RFC is open...not sure what that is, probably something to do with Garrosh...Might be fun to go see.

Scarlet Monastery & Scholomance (lower-level versions) are active. I have alts approaching those levels, may be cool to see the new stuff in a guild group.
The new Scholo was fun. As I said to people online at the time, it\'s like having a dream about your high school where all the hallways look familiar, but are in the wrong order. It *seems* like the same place, but something isn\'t quite right. Good layout to the instance however. I\'m looking forward to doing it at-level with meh panda. (Watch out for the big ugly guys!)

I just started the new north side of SM before FPS stutter shut me down. Totally forgot that RFC was changed too though. Definitely sounds like something for GN.

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