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Summertime Guild Nights: Sleepers\' Choice
July 7, 14, 21, 28 & August 4, 11, 18, 25 are \"open\" Guild Nights. Need to polish off a 5-, 10-, or 25-player dungeon, complete some pesky achievement(s), get a crack at some gear you want for transmog, just raise heck, or all of the above? Here and now is the time to speak up, Sleepers! Tell me where you want to go & what you want to do when we get there, and I\'ll do my best to set it up for Guild Night.

I realized after wiping in ICC a couple weeks ago that I need raid practice, and so tried the LFR thingie. It told me my gear wasn\'t even up to the LFR requirements, much less real raiding. I will be in for anything that gets me raid-worthy plate and gear, at least on those weekends I\'m free (admittedly not as many as I\'d like).
Northrend heroic 5-man achievements would be nice. It was a blast running those a few months ago - I don\'t remember exactly when we ran them but it was quite fun. After running against walls in raiding its fun to just blow through older stuff for achivements.
I need to do 25 man Malygos for the quest...not sure of the acheesies to be had in there...Stien and Bantis want to do Firelands - not sure that\'s an appropriate GN thing tho. Also, I STILL need to kill the Lich King!
We should use one or two of those dates for old fashioned silliness.

Now wait, before some of my groan loudly.

I know some you don\'t PvP, some detest it, and some just haven\'t given it a fair shot. This would be a no pressure no worry kinda of gig. You died? Alot? Cool, get back in there and fight!

Luxury and I loosely (like, barely at all) discussed this in G-chat last night. How about we invade Orgrimmar as a guild night activity? Or all 4 cities for the acheesy? Last time we did this was during our tribute to a fallen guildy, and it was a very successful run. Lux mentioned that she can bring around 25 hard core PvP type folks, and we can certainly bring 15-20 bodies with a few very hardcore PvP types of our own. Krv has dibs on dying in a stupid manner to a priest.

Pass the news, quietly, to some our friendly Noodle guilds about a date and time, and then ROFL stomp the Horde. 100 Alliance, led by the Sleeper Cartel, is such a warm fuzzy feeling kinda thing, right?

We can call it \"If its red its dead\" night, proudly brought to you by Sleeper Cartel.

*edit I R good engrish typer.
I know Stien and Bantis both want to kill the Horde leaders for the bear mount. (You still get that right?) I think Rhodan still needs to pop one with his Red Rider rifle...
I need malygos 10 or 25 to finish the northrend meta dung ach. No rush but sometime id like to do it. Might be good for transmog gear?
due to the toughness of the guards etc in capitals in cata its very hard to down some of the leaders (exp sylvanys). In mop this will prob be more doable as I dont think they are getting boosted per a thread i read someplace. The last few times we tried it with about 15 sleepers about 6 months ago was a complete wipefest. If you can actually get 25-50 decently geared 85s in this lull period to do it id be up for trying again though.
I need Malygos and Lich King still I believe. Will always be up for anything though
Melisande Heart
Noggenfogger Roulette.
i thought id add this is a great time to get caught up on pvp gear as its all honor level 391 gear - you dont need any conquest at the moment. Ive replaced all of tels oldest 358 and 371 pvp pieces with 391 (save legs and 1 trinket and weapons which im using raid gear in). We could maybe que for whatever the honor weekend is as a group.

Even if the pvp gear is superceded it will still be nice to have to farm the new stuff with in mop.

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