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Bike Mats Spreadsheet
I\'ve created a Google spreadsheet to track the mats. I\'m open to ideas for working the format. I think that no more than one or two people should be entering data.

Here\'s the link. I\'m also open to tips on how to work with this.

<a href=\"\">Bike Mats</a>
can\'t view it Sad
It might work now.

If you post mats which you are holding, I\'ll add them to the ss.
nice, I can see it now.

I have 1 titansteel bar and at least 10 artic furs on hand atm.
Great. I updated the totals
I have an alt, Steinbike, to whom you can send mats for storage.
Spread sheet has been updated. Big thanks to Beau for the arctic fur.
Updated. Smiths, let me know if you can get a skillup by making cobalt bolts. Also posted in Moneymaking/Trade skills forum
I just sent in enough mats for one bike. Now someone just needs the 12,500 gold to add and they\'ll be set. : P
Thanks so much Neinna. THe spreadsheet has been up dated.
WTB 12,500g >.>
Grind Remmy, Grind.
Stein, I have an alt who can make the cobalt bolts from the bars if you need it done. She no longer gets skillups for it, but I\'m willing to make them if you can\'t find anyone else who\'ll get points for doing it. If you want it done, just mail the bars to Neinna with a little note and I\'ll do it and mail them back to you.
Thanks much.
someday, I\'ll have that gold and It will be worth the time spent to finally get a bike Big Grin

... in the mean time, I\'m still chugging along to get 5k lol

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