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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
Titansteel Bar for 1 bike: 12; o/h 79; enough for 6 bikes

Cobalt bolts: for 1 bike 40: o/h 43; enough for 1 bike; have 302 cobalt bars which can be made into bolts

Arctic Fur : for one bike: 2; o/h 40; enough for 20 bikes

Gold (to purchase eng. parts): 12500 for 1 bike (may be less with faction discounts) o/h 860

We have 35 to 40 of the various eternal elements for titan steel.
Something to note if we\'re looking to get the vendor parts at lower cost: Unless something has changed, there\'s a chance that an engineer can \"skin\" them off of XT and Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 10 or 25. Maybe we need to start doing weekly runs of Ulduar to at least XT with an engineer in each group to see if we can get some of these for \"free\". I\'ve read that the engineer has to be at least at skill level 415 but does not need to know the schematic for the chopper to be able to \"skin\" these bosses.

I have a non-SC toon who has a high enough engineering skill to harvest the bosses, but her gear is crap and she\'s only level 80 (or 81, I forget since I rarely play her). I can bring her to harvest the bosses if we get a group without an engineer to kill the bosses. Or I\'m willing to bring one of my other guilded toons with better gear to help kill them if another person has an engineer to bring.

Just a thought...
My Rogue is an engineer.
Are those parts bop if skinned? I have an 80 sp that is an engineer and sitting in sc party guild. If needed I will get her engineering up and some better gear. She is near 81 i think and has done no questing in cata yet.
I have two maxed engineers and have engineered both bosses in there many times...never once got bike parts.. seems to be rare
now that tel is engineer/blacksmith i went and bought the chopper recipe as he had the alliance northrend rep at exalted.

Somewhat easier to do as alchemists/transmuters no longer have a cd for converting saronite bars (8) to 1 titansteel bars

edit: I have made one chopper. Since i had 2 engineers I parked slartis by the k3 vendor and just checked in with him till i could buy the exhaust pipe which spawns 1/day per engineer.
The engineer-bought parts are about 80 percent of the cost (12500 gp though i seem to remember seeing a slight discount - maybe it was the relatively new guild bonus vendor discount?) and are the largest expense.
the player collected materials are not the issue, it is the vendor sold ones that are static. With gold inflation on the way up we may be able to supply the 1.2 million gold needed for the vendor parts of course they are still sold at a limited rate

Anyone still need motorcycles? What types of mats do we still need to be able to make the bikes?

If XT or Flame Leviathan still drops the mats for engineer skinners, we can do a few alt runs to get the vendor mats.
I\'ve got mine. We still need to have biker night and just have an entire fleet of us crusin\' around SW.
I\'ve seen motorcycles, but assumed they were Engineer-specific. Am I wrong?
Engineers make them but they are able to be equipped by anyone. The materials to make them are pretty expensive.
I have a toon, Steinbike, who has a bunch of the common mats which we have collected.

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