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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
Ill volunteer to help farm.
<div style=margin-left: 2em><i>And that in turn could be the theme of a server party next year.</i></div>

...and next year *is* a summer party.
Any way we can convince the devs to work in Bad to the Bone music?
OMG that would be so sweet! Ill help farm!
This scares the hell out of mebut......should we create a third guild vault to store all the mats?
WellI have at least one toon I can offer up to store stuff. Ill just need to get bags. Ill pay for the bank space
arcana and I have a bank guild for ourselves with almost a full tab freewe only have 3 tabs currentlybut we can store stuff there as well.
Brendo and I have a shared guild bank thing. Only have the one tab rigth nowbut we dont use much space. Could easily store a tabs worth of stuff or so.
Reggy is 450 mining I can help mine Whatever we need !
Ill start storing up Titansteel bars. If anyone wants to donate to the causeIll smelt them and store them.

Its <item>Smelt Titansteel</item>
I have room on my bank toon as well. Im not about to purchase another GV tab thoughwe are upto the 10K one.
I really want to do this...but for now I need to concentrate on reaching a level where I can realistically farm for this sort of thing. One day!
Im on to titansteel as wellso Ill be smelting one day from here on out.
I got some artic fur where should I send it?
Perlita will also be happy to store up titansteel bars for thisif someone will send her the mats.

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