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Biker Gang (long range, crazy idea)
We should start farming mats with the goal of having everyone possible in the guild on a motorcycle. And that in turn could be the theme of a server party next year.
Steinyoure a genius! What a totally cool idea!
Aw /blush. A very expensive one though.
In theoryyou only need to have 1/2 of the active members with itas it seats 2 people.

Its a minimum of 12,000g per bike thoughthose are the rare spawn vendor purchased parts. The other mats we can farm up easily.

#5 the math and see how much it would take to (ballpark) make 100 bikes. What level of farming would this take?
I knew that was coming. Here are the base figures from wowhead. I did not add the cost of things we could farm/craft

<b>Total:</b> <b>(1,250,000g)</b> for those pieces we NEED to buy from Roxi Ramrocket in the storm peaks.

Goblin-machined Piston x8 - 1000g <b> (X100= 800 pistons @ 800,000g)</b>
Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe - 1500g <b>(X100 = 100 pipes @ 150,000g)</b>
Salvaged Iron Golem Parts - 3000g <b>(x100 @ 300,000g)</b>
Total for all vendor parts - 12500g <b>(1,250,000g)</b>

Arctic Fur x2 - (rare drop off all skining above lvl 73) 100g <b>(200)</b>
Handful of Cobalt Bolts x40 - aprox 2g each <b>(4,000)</b>
Titansteel Bar x12 - 350g<b> (1200)</b>
<-- (requiring a few rare mats and a 20 hour cool down on each one theasewill be very expensive)
Total for all player made mats (aprox) - 4620g

But just picture circling IfShatt or Dalaran.
Over all Total - 17120g
FYI the Titansteel bars are dropping in pricedown to around 170G each this weekend.

The cobalt bolts will get cheaper once 3.0.8 hits due to mining changesI imagine this will push down titansteel as well.
Assuming 150g Titansteel Bars and 2g per cobalt barr

So 12,500g vendor purchases parts + 1800g TSB +40g Bolts+200g fur=14,540g per bike.

2 people per bike/100 active? mains in SC = 50 Bikes

727,000g total
(chokes) Ohdear. Thats way too rich for my blood.
Stein says
<i>But just picture circling IfShatt or Dalaran. </i>

When I read the title of this threadI was thinking more along the lines of riding over to Org in a nice triangle formation then kickin some hordie butt!
That sounds pretty good.

I know its richbut if we get enough interestIm willing to farm my little heart out.
I think this would take some serious factory farming effort on our part. Even soId volunteer to help.
Count me IN. I wanna ride around on a motorcycle lol!
Im in ... Ill be able to make this within the next monthor two.
Erudi wants in Big Grin
Ill start saving my artic furs Smile

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