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Time for a break
Well, it's time for another break.  I had been playing WoW fairly regularly since Legion dropped last year, but I went on a two-week vacation in July and didn't play for a while.  When I got back from vacation, I didn't get around to logging on for another two weeks, due to a new job and, well, life.  As I'm not really playing right now, I'm letting my subscription lapse and will be taking some time off again.  

I'm sure I'll return, but cannot justify paying for a subscription for a game I don't really feel like playing at this time.  I hope to keep a toe in the Sleeper Cartel pool and would love to be put on hiatus if possible.  I can't imaging coming back to play and not being a Sleeper.  This is not goodbye, but rather, until we meet again.  Take care, Sleepers.

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