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Hiatus status activate ;-) - Sckittles-Perenolde - 09-15-2017

My fellow sleepers, as some have you may have noticed, i have not been online much lately. Due to a busy work schedule and the birth of my son, my wow time has taken a back seat to my RL. I have therefore cancelled my subscription for the moment until my RL gets a little less hectic (new borns and work never calm down totally lol) So until i fire up the wow machine, i will hang my gauntlets on the hiatus pegs by the door. Keep the lights on, as some of you may know i have a tendency to return :-)

RE: Hiatus status activate ;-) - Yeshe-Perenolde - 09-18-2017

Gratz on the birth of your son!!

RE: Hiatus status activate ;-) - Vladz-Perenolde - 09-18-2017

Good Luck with the newest family member.

RE: Hiatus status activate ;-) - Siddhi-Perenolde - 09-28-2017

Congrats to the new addition to your family Smile We all hope we see you again soon.

RE: Hiatus status activate ;-) - Steinbrecher-Perenolde - 09-29-2017

Yay for the new family member. All the best on your new adventure.

RE: Hiatus status activate ;-) - Melisande-Perenolde - 09-30-2017

Congrats on the new little Sleeper, we will always have a light on for you!