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(Respected family)
Member since:Aug 12, 2006
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Night Elf Rogue
Location:Colorado Springs
Birthday:January 9, 1969
Personal profile:Facebook

I started playing computer games back in the day of the Tandy 1000. I started with the King's Quest series and soon moved on to almost all the Sierra games. My first fps game was Wolfenstein 3D. I played alot of games - too many to name here. I played Rogue, ZZT, lots of stuff like that as well. There's nothing like playing an "@" symbol and running around a dungeon and running into "Monster Letters". I loved rogue! I even still have an "easy" version that my friend edited from the original. It lets you play with the monsters doing minimal to no damage so you can finish the game quicker. I know - what's the point? But at the time, it was neat to be able to edit games so easily. :)

My first experience with multiplayer was Quake 1 - Team Fortress. (Actually CTF, but I didn't like that so only played it for about a week.) I was in several clans thruout that time - most notably Zero Tolerance, Darwin's Disciples and Dark Shadows. I am still close friends with 1 person I met while playing that (1998-1999).

My first experience with an MMORPG was Dark Age of Camelot. A friend from my Team Fortress days (CodeRed) talked me into trying it. It was alot of fun. I really enjoyed it. But at the time I didn't have the time or the finances to keep playing it. :(

I then discovered Blizzard when I first saw Diablo. I was hooked bad! :) I moved on to D2: LoD online where I met someone who one day left me his 2 accounts and all his characters and moved on to WoW. You guys would know him as Shmee (of the Horde). If you know him at all. :) The guild was Asylum of the Damned. He talked me into buying the game and trying it. I have now been here more than 10 years. :) I started as a horde. I moved to Alliance and joined various guilds over time. I was in Elven Defenders of Light for a time, which is where I met Vicegrips - and the rest is history. :) So blame him for getting me here! lol

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