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Member since:Jul 14, 2016
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class: Hunter
Location:Anchorage, Alaska
Birthday:February 26, 1985
Personal profile:I met everyone as Sarahlotus, but my Main and my BABY is Norantica. I have so many Sarah names I don't mind if I'm still called Sarah, just putting that out there :) I've played since vanilla and have a decent sized roster of toons to play with ( most of whom I've brought in already!)

My name is Jen ( as you'll see me in the FB group ) I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I've been here for quite a while and it's wonderful and unlike any other place I've ever lived. I work full time and play when I can. When I'm not working or playing WoW you can find me in my studio designing and crafting handmade greeting cards, ( I supply several local shops ) wedding invitations, favors, paperie, table designs, you name it. I also make books by hand and hold a degree in Graphic Design with a forte in package design and photography/photo restoration. I am married and a stepmother to 4 boys ages 7 - 21. We all play or have played Wow, save for the youngest. I also have 3 kitties whom I hold quite dear. <3

Commonly asked questions about Alaska: (feel free to ask any thing else )
--> Is it always cold/snowy?
..... No, we do have "summer" snowy time is usually Sept-April at the latest if we're lucky.
--> Is it 24 hours daylight / dark?
.....Not quite. Our winter/summer solstice means much more to us than most...for us it is a very prominent gain or loss of sunlight per day. In the winter this can mean 5-6 hours of daylight, with a long twilight on both the summer it means the opposite and we have nearly 18-19 hours of daylight with a very long twilight on both ends. ( think twilight at like...2am ) In most parts of the world the sun rises and sets "normally" ( better overall average of light and dark ) for us the sun never truly rises or sets because we are much closer to the pole. This video is sorta silly BUT an EXCELLENT explanation of how it works! FOR REFERENCE: Anchorage is : 61.2181 N and Norway's HIGHEST LATITUDE is : 80.4944 N (approx).
--> How many people live in Alaska?
..... Currently we support about 736,000 people -- with about 300,000 in Anchorage alone!
--> MISC:
.....We are called "Sewards Folly"{see link}
.....We are the 49th state to join (1959).
.....We are apart of the CONTINENTAL United States ...but not apart of the Contiguous United States..( we do not share a border with anybody, like Hawaii )
.....There is speculation that we, of all places, is the U.S. state that consumes the most ice cream per capita.
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