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Member since:Nov 24, 2005
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Human Mage
Location:Dublin, Ohio - US
Personal profile:
Update 07-19-2011:

Heyoo again...

After some consideration, I have decided to retire from WoW. I'll still be around, popping in here and there to say Heyoo, Woohah!! Etc - lolz! I have so many things I've neglected to do, so many games I have piled up over time and never played - needed to go do something new.

Anyhoo - perhaps I will see you guys around somewhere, sometime! I'm playing Diablo II again on my Mac, rediscovering that old world, having fun in it hehe. Probably play all the PS3 games I've piled up along with my old skool console games (PS2, GC, XBox, etc)

Seeya somewhere, sometime!

Update 02-13-2011:


I've been playing WoW (and part of SC) since about November of 2005. A close friend of mine (Darias) convinced me to become addicted to yet another MMORPG after I burned out on Lineage II. I was an Emissary for over a year and a half. I decided eventually to just be a normal member again (way simpler that way, less work, more playtime - woot). I like helping out people when I can but there are times I need to be a loner and go off soloing for a bit.

I've been around the game a long while and play casually most of the time. I've raided here and there, was part of SGA raiding a while ago, I bounce around if people need people for a raid and if I'm free that kind of thing. Lately my work has been making it hard to make time for the game so regular raiding for me just doesn't work well :(

I play both sides, been spending most of my time Alliance side on my warlock, Ceárta and a little time playing Shikaro. Horde side I've been working on my priest some (Paiméi) but most of my 80's there are sitting put, taking a vacation so to speak lol.

Anyhow, I'll catch you all when I catch you - yarrgh.

Alliance Toons: Ceárta, Shikaro, Teiyasu, Katéro

Horde Toons (Mystic Cartel): Shahtaua, Auliya, Paiméi, Korgano & Neris

Seeya round!
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