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Member since:Nov 30, 2010
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Night Elf Druid
Location:Ault, Co
Birthday:January 10, 1977
Personal profile:Hmmm....How to start.
I am 33 and have a wonderful wife of 9 years. We have 2 kids and at times I would like to reffer to them as her kids not mine because MY kids would have never done THAT. Just kidding of course I love my 7 year on daughter and 4 year old son and find it very fun to see the world through thier eyes everyday. Daughter is in basketball now and son is in swim class. Both will be in soccer this spring as we try to keep them active and trying new things.

I have a wide range of hobbies. I enjoy boating, water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing with the family in the summer. In the winter you will also find me in the mountains snow boarding and riding snowmobiles. I currently am working on a 89 full size blazer making it taller, bigger, and badder than ever for our camping and back country camping and 4wheeling. Plus it is fun to drive around while hunting for big game in the rocky mountains. I enjoy most sports and play volley ball and football on a pretty regular basis.

I became an addict to WOW after a 10 day free trial given to me by Belafonte. Between him and Louki it seems I will be an addict for some time to come as we all work together making beer in Fort Collin, CO. Yes I said we all make beer and will generally be enjoying the products we make during our times on line. This being said as the night goes on some game play abiliies will decrease, but at least it will be fun to watch.

Growing up I did alot of moving around. I was in 15 different schools before graduation. Father was in large construction projects which made it pretty normal to move that much as a kid. One of the longest periods of time I stayed in one place was in Las Vegas, NV. We were there for 9 years and I spent alot of time on the strip causing trouble and being a kid. It was there that i got into some rodeo. I rode bulls, bare back, and saddle bronc for the all round cowboy scores. Went forward and started riding bulls in the pro circuit until I wised up and moved away form the sport. Have a few scares and some great memories.

Other stuff:
Have guns, like them, want to keep them
Political correctness is way over rated
Broncos are the best football team ever..... Even when they are losing under Mcdaniels
Life is too short not to have fun.
Bacon is the best food in the world....
anything in moderations is a good way to go.


Alli side
85 Helot druid (main)
85 Flunky pally
80 Igorot warlock
70 Igromius shaman
72 Amooky DK (bank)

52 Bravehearts hunter
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