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Critter Kill Squad

(Respected family)
Member since:Apr 19, 2010
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Draenei Paladin
Location:Nahunta, GA
Birthday:April 23, 1967
Personal profile:Hello All,

I love to play WOW! There I said it! They say that is the first step when you have an addiction! LOL I started off by playing Disney Pirates and kept thinking.. is this all? Several people from there told be about WOW and so I thought I would give it a try and learned within the first several hours that I loved loved loved it!!!! :-)

I work from home for a company out of Jax, Fl and love the working at home part! LOL If you were to ring my doorbell anytime before noon you would most likely find me in my pj's.... and/or chasing my beagle around... I actually do get alot of work done! Really I do!!!! LOL

I was really happy to become a family member of the Sleepers. I had gone on a raid one time on my dk and had a blast with ya'll, it still look me several months to apply, but am so happy I did. I have met the most wonderful amazing people in this guild and say... I am not worthy, but its great that you all thought I was...

If you want to group to run a random, need help questing, go on a raid or anything else and I am on, let me know as I am always willing to help... Be prepared for lots of giggling.... See ya in game!
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