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Lord of Mechanics

(Respected family)
Member since:Jul 25, 2009
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Human Warrior
Location:Hudson, Florida
Birthday:May 3, 1966
Personal profile:Stormwind Gate Guard: "Is that your blood? "
Telonnar: "Some of it, yeah."

Thank you for giving me the chance to join the illustrious ranks of The Sleeper Cartel

Let me introduce myself.

Im currently living in Hudson, Florida (to the north side of Tampa, Florida) . I graduated from college in 1989 with a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Geography (Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems). I worked for an EPA contractor for 4 years working on Superfund related remote sensing projects. The contract then folded up and I went into Architectural Drafting /engineering drafting/design. Im currently working as an HVAC/Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical Designer/draftsman for an Engineering Firm. (I do commercial building plans to supplement architectural plans for new and renovated buildings). Im formerly from the Washington, D.C. Area (I lived in VA suburbs for most of my life prior to about 2 years ago).

Ive played pen and paper RPG's since High School - mainly as gamemaster, rarely as player (Ad&d - 1st and 2nd ed. mainly but ive dabbled in many many other RPG's like Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Gurps etc). As time went on it was harder and harder to do (schedules, time etc). So for a while in my mid to late 30's i didnt do much of any RPGing

about 8 years ago I started to enter the world of MMORPG's via Dungeons and Dragons Online. Most of my characters were on the Fernia (now Ghallanda) server and were in the Black Rose Society Guild. I liked the game and had a ton of characters up through 16th level. As time went on though more and more people left the game and I gradually lost interest (I did level one character to 20; but then I quit the game).

5 years ago (July 2008) one of my old rpg group gamers introduced me to Warcraft. Ive been hooked ever since.
I like instances and raids. I also like exploring/traveling in game to out of the way places and seeing the world as a whole. I also like a bit of role playing here and there. I like the crafting system (something DDO lacked) and enjoy making items for others. I look forward to seeing how I can help out. I am willing to help out with 2-3 man quests etc too just let me know if you need help.

in the past ive dabbled occasionally with other mmos such as dnd online (where i have a ton of old characters), guild wars 2 (not much since i hit mid level) and lord of the rings online (up to level 58).

Telonnar (Aka Dave)

FYI: Telonnar is a male name in tolkien's Quenya elvish and means basically "Roof of Fire". It could also mean red-headed man depending on the interpretation of "Tel" (roof) and "nar" (fire). the "on" middle syllable is the male descriptor.
However Telonnar (the dnd character I made up back in college) always had black hair. I cant really remember what my naming rationale was lol its been too long. There probably was a reference to telonnar someplace in the silmarillion and i just liked the name. Maybe he had red hair at birth and it became dark as he grew up. (I had an Uncle that had hair like that).

new cairne alts (on main acct) Temnock, Tannheuser, Sternn, Voilodian, Telonnar, Bayonetta, Mordanth, Voilodian (in Blue Man Group) and Keyluke (Stormwind Monastery). Hordies (all in mystic cartel): Sargentfury, Knottsferatu, Solomoriah (i.e. shadowcat from wormy dnd cartoon)
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