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Rank:On Hiatus
(On Hiatus)
Member since:Jun 10, 2009
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Human Deathknight
Location:New Jersey
Birthday:January 30
Personal profile:Names Gaseous, I'm a student and a gamer, I love movies and music. I play the guitar and snowboard. I have X-Box 360 and a Wii, I love console gaming too. I am an avid listener of podcasts and hope to start one myself. I love to chat and pull pranks and make jokes. I was born in D.C but live in Jersey, I am an "alt-o-holic' and like to play my many alts, although I only have one 85 (Gas). I want to get into end game raiding but my schedule conflicts with the common raiding time. I'm a bit of a lazy guy, I can really work when I want to, but when crunch time comes I'm your man.

My alts on this server include Ajihad my beloved first character and 74 dwarf hunter and Karbor my bad-ass little 44 gnome mage. I've always been too lazy to take up any proffesions mostly because I get bored and pissed after spending 200g in 20 minutes and being at 175.

My name comes from a guild I was in and a good friend started to spell my name (Gabe) and when he got to A someone else added S. So I became Gas, then Gaz, then Gazzy all within 5 minutes and I added the "formal" version Gaseous. And Viola, Gaseous became I did! So when WotLK came around, and it was DK time, I made Gas a into a full blown character. So at this point I have nothing left to say besides: SEE YOU IN-GAME!! :)
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