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(Website-Only Member)
Member since:Mar 22, 2008
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Night Elf Druid
Location:Fort Collins, C.O.
Birthday:April 16, 1966
Personal profile:Thank you for accepting me into your community. I am a husband of one and a father of 3. I am a forklift operator for New Belgium Brewing Co. I have been playing computer games since before there were graphics, no joke, text only, lol. World of Warcraft is my 1st online gaming experience and I have to say it is awesome. I never realized the social aspect of this game, and it has increased 10 fold since joining "the sleepers". My wife thought WoW stood for "Widows of Warcraft". We have come to a understanding though, I am not in the computer room playing a game by myself I am at a friends house watching "the (baseball, football, ...) game" with my buddies for 4 hours. I may never meet any of you in person but I feel I just made 100 new friends.
I usually play 2 nights per week, Friday and Sunday, with 3 kids under level 10 my play time is limited, but happily. I am also on from 2-5 in the afternoon but am afk for long periods, so if i do not answer a whisper, or guild chat, it is because I am checking homework, making a snack, etc...
My oldest son, is allowed to do battlegrounds if he has done all his homework, fyi, and he is pretty good. He once defeated a rogue and a warlock in an arena, lol. He does not know password and I am home when he plays. Once he can read entire manual and explain it to me I plan on getting him his own account. My other children like to skydive-flight form and all, (30g repair bills are not uncommon) and do bombing runs (gotta mak'em pay for repair bills, lol, jk).
Thank you all again espcially "the gypsies"
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