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Member since:Jun 12, 2005
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Human Paladin
Location:Columbus, OH, US
Birthday:February 9, 1975
Personal profile:I've been a member of Sleeper Cartel since June 2005, and have never thought of looking elsewhere since I joined.

Welcome to Sleeper Cartel! If you're already a Family member, go fetch my slippers. Otherwise, have a look around, and perhaps apply if you're interested.

WoW was my first MMO, and I avoided them for YEARS because I never wanted to be one of those people who play Evercrack. A friend of mine at work said, "j00 must plai! it is Warcraft d00d!" Okay, I played Starcraft a bit, but having played that first, I never could get into Warcraft (the first, not II, or even III), so I never knew anything of the storyline. I got really bored one night of playing Thief II, and said what the heck, and bought the game, three days after WoW's initial launch.

Not knowing what server my friend was on, after I installed the game, I let it pick the server for me. It was 2am EST, and so it figured, "Oh, he must be in a mountain timezone...stick him on a mountain server." Thus Perenolde became my home.

Darias refers to the main character of a novel I never have quite put together. He's still in my head in a half-rendered world, but in the meantime, he becomes the default name in any video game I end up playing. Naturally, he wound up as my first toon here!

I found a guild within a couple weeks called the Knights of Honor, and they were a really cool social guild, with a number of players just hitting 60 and trying out that "U-B-R-S" place. I joined them and it was a very fun guild until a HORRIBLE guild merger caused infinitely horrible guild drama. In one night, the GM /gdisbanded, and deleted the forums. I was without a home.

For a week or so, I joined up with the flotsam from KoH that were working on making a raiding guild. I was in my low 40's, so "raiding" wasn't anywhere near my sights back then. After a few days, I found this guy "Karin" posting on the Perenolde forums that his guild was recruiting. I didn't need to have that long of a chat before I knew this was the "casual guild" that I needed.

In June of 2007, Karin decided to move on from WoW for the most part, and stepped down as guild leader, laying the mantle on my shoulders. Since then, this guild has become my family. I have watched "children" of the guild grow up and mature. I've seen them start playing at 14, and am baffled now to watch them move on to college (and in some cases graduate already!). I've made friends that will live with me for a life time, and I have memories that will never die.

Sleeper Cartel truly is a family. It stays with you even if you leave WoW. People leave the guild and then come back and say that there is nothing like "us" out there. We can't explain it, but we absolutely know it to be true, and we will fight tooth and claw if anyone or anything tries to change it from what it is.

If you have any questions or concerns about the guild, please don't hesitate to contact me or the officers. I don't have a command structure in place because I'm lonely, it's there to assist the members of this guild.

My e-mail is linked above for guildies and is darias dot perenolde @ gmail dot com (damn the spambots!).
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