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Guild Birthday Wisher

(Website-Only Member)
Member since:Jul 28, 2007
Armory profile:[ character sheet | reputation | talents ]
Race/Class:Human Warrior
Location:Kingman, AZ
Birthday:February 14, 1947
Personal profile:

I am a married mother of 3 grown married children and a grandmother of 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I love to hunt, fish, camp, and play Wow. I enjoy helping others out where I can. The instances scare me but once I am in and working on them I am ok. I like to run ZG. My main, Ladythunder, was actually the second character I created. She is a Master Hammersmith. I enjoy my warrior. I took her to level 55 by grinding and doing quests. I was so afraid of the instances, I avoided them like the plague. LOL Then I met a very nice young man named Gadorin, that showed me that I had nothing to fear. He told me to just have fun with them, that dieing was no big deal. He started me out by taking me to Deadmines and running me through it several times and then to Wailing Caverns. Then he challenged me one day to a race through Deadmines to see who would come out the other end first. We had to kill all the bosses and have the proof at the end. He won but by only 10 sec. I learned a lot from him and will forever be grateful for the confidence he built in me. I tend to be a little shy of people I do not know well. I have been left high and dry several times in instances when people got what they wanted and just hearthed out without a word. that makes me very shy of pug groups now. I like working behind an experienced warrior so I can learn what I should be doing. I have main tanked in SM, Strat, and parts of ZG. I have off tanked ZG many times. As long as I have someone marking my targets for me, I think I do a good job of tanking. I don't think I am the greatest but I can get the job done. I wish my reaction times were better but that may be age related. I do try hard at everything I put myself to. I just love to play this game of Wow and have fun with friends. Since I am retired, I am usually on most everyday day for several hours. The days that are more limited for me are Sunday ( I have church in the morning and evening) , Monday evenings ( I have quilting class at my church ), and Wednesday evenings ( I have church ). I have 8 other alts that include a 70 priest (Ladybearhunt),62 druid (shadowelf), 58 shaman (Laidee), 51 warrior (Ladyruth), 50 pally (Silverbear), 50 mage (Eaglelady), and a 63 rogue (Vanishlady) and now I have a level 55 Horde rogue (Misthunter). I have recently respeced my main warrior to fury to do dps. I do have fun with all my girls. I LOVE THIS GUILD!!!

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