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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents:
What IS Sleeper Cartel?

A Rare Guild Where Parties are Epic and Friendships are Legendary Sleeper Cartel is a family-friendly guild. We try to be laid-back and generally easy-going. We are a moderately large guild and have members of all ages and walks of life. To keep things running as smoothly as possible, we have a few core values which all members wearing our name follow.

Sleeper Cartel Core Values:

  1. Family: You’ll probably make friends in any guild, but you’re not going to find another family like this one. Every member here is expected to treat everyone else like the dearest member of your own family…or at least the way your grandma would expect you to treat them. There are real people behind the screen so everyone is to be treated with compassion and respect.

  2. Community: We’re a family first, but we’re also a vibrant community of people in all walks of life with their own ideas and interests. We make every effort to support each other in their interests. Likewise, we’re a member of the Perenolde-Cairne server community. We need to be respectful of those in the rest of the realm…even if they’re not respectful toward us.

  3. Fun: Fun means different things to different people. To some it’s PVP. To others it’s end-game raiding. Still others might just want to kick back and be social. If you’re not having fun, let us know if it’s something we’re doing. Try as we may to be everything for everyone, sometimes it doesn’t always work.

  4. RL > WoW We’ve got members in school (high school on through college), full-time jobs, divorces happen (hopefully not over WoW), or have to deploy into the military. Are we going to boot you for that? No. Do what you need. Your family will be here still for you when you need to come back.

How can I become a member?
All applications are handled through our website on our Membership Application page. After reading over the rest of our FAQ and policies, see the details about the application process on that page.

Do you offer trial memberships?
Maybe you just want to try us out. We offer Guest/Trial Memberships on a case-by-case basis should you be considering transferring Mains from another server.

If you are interested in a Guest Membership, please fill out an application on our Membership Application page and indicate that you are interested in a Guest/Trial Membership, providing as much detail as possible...just as if you were applying here like anyone else.

Can my brother / wife / cousin / roommate / daughter join too?

Every application to Sleeper Cartel is reviewed independently. It's great to use an existing guild member as a personal reference, however, it's not an automatic "in". So whether you and friends are applying, or if you're trying to get a friend/family member to apply, the thought put into the application trumps everything. We want to know this new person joining our family. Let the application do that for us.

NOTE: Any children under the age of 15 must have an adult parent/guardian who is also an active member of the guild (if a child is applying with their guardian, this is fine). The child must apply to the guild separately just as any other member would, introducing themselves by way of the application process. For very young members (under 11), it is OK to help your child to complete the application (or even type it), however we would like to see what he/she can come up with in his/her own words if at all possible.

At all times, the parent/guardian is responsible for the actions of the under 15 player. We highly recommend they both play at the same time, or (if sharing an account) they are supervised. This is both for the safety of the minor as well as ensuring they're adhering to the same standards we expect of the rest of our members.

The guild is kinda big, will someone show me around?

To help new guild members acclimate to the guild, we created what we call our Associate Mentor Program. When you first join, you're immediately assigned a mentor. Your mentor isn't just a random guild member, but instead is one of our officers who's vested enough time in the guild to really know who we are and what we're about. Your mentor is available to answer questions about the guild, the game, the website and whatever else you might have questions about.

The purpose of this relationship is to help you feel more comfortable during your first weeks in the guild. The primary goal is so that you'll get a feel for what Sleeper Cartel is about, but the program also provides an opportunity for the guild to get to know you as well (through your mentor). Expect your mentor to encourage you to make a concerted effort to be active in the guild both in-game and on the website forums. This (hopefully) will be your family as much as it already is ours, so interacting with your guild members is vital to really being a part of the community.

Over that 4-6 week period (cooking times may vary), the interactions you have with your mentor will be passed on to the rest of the leadership team. After that time, your mentor makes a recommendation to bring you in as a full member...and that's where the fun starts.

NOTE: The typical Associate period lasts between 4-6 weeks, but the process is different for everyone. We ask you make extra effort to be active in the guild during your Associate period. If you've gone AFK for longer than a couple weeks, we'll drop you a reminder note. If you just go completely AWOL, at our discretion, we may remove you from the roster.

After joining, what can I expect in game?
In years past, we've had officers travel to other realms as ambassadors so that we can learn of other guild's experiences and so we could share with them ours. After several of these experiences we came away with one major observation:
We are NOT a normal guild.

In Sleeper Cartel, you can sit in guild chat, level your toon(s), and just socialize. You can spend all your time crafting amongst an army of alts. You might find a new arena partner and pwn some newbs. You can find a raid group that fits your schedule and gather ye purplez to your heart's content. All of these things are on equal footing within Sleeper Cartel. No one is going to pressure you into reaching max level on a time table. No one is going to force you to contribute to the guild vault. And no one is going to boot you because your DPS sucks.

We are NOT that guild.

Here's a few things that you will find in our guild...but it's by no means an exhaustive list.
  • The Guild Vault
    • We're a guild of levelers, crafters, raiders, and old-content conquerors. Stuff piles up.
    • There's tons of gear both blues and purples and both armor and weapons. You'll find pets and crafting materials. You'll find enchants, plans, recipes, and raid food. Did we mention the gems and bags too?
    • You will find NO shortage of items in our guild vault, and once you're a full member, you'll have full access to all the bank well as guild repairs.

  • Guild Night
    • It's a rare week indeed where you won't find 5, 10, or 20 guildies all clamoring on Teamspeak/Vent on a Saturday night...just to goof around.
    • Guild night is not about raiding...although it could be. It's all about just getting together as a guild and relaxing. We keep things light so that it's not about progressing in your raid group, keeping up your Arena score, or grinding out that last bit of faction rep. We could be:
      • Raiding an old dungeon for kicks (Molten Core in [Tuxedo Jacket]s and [Lovely Black Dress]es)
      • Run a LFRs (or two) to help some guildies gear up
      • Getting on our flying mounts and drop in unison in the middle of town...just for effect.
      • Go out and sack a Horde town (maybe even Crossroads for old time's sake).
      • Hop on a [Mekgineer's Chopper] or pop some [Preserved Holly] and have a parade...for no reason.
    • It could be anything...but it's just about getting together for a little fun and laughter on voice chat.

  • Raiding in Sleeper Cartel
    • In Sleeper Cartel, raiding is just one of the many things people are interested in, so we're very hands-off with the raiding experience. We do NOT sponsor raids, ask you to contribute to raid groups, or even expect you to raid at all.
    • The responsibility to organize, run, and coordinate each group is up to each group. The various facilities in the guild are available to you just as they are to any member, but as long as you stick to the rest of our Core's up to each group how they keep their shop clean.
    • Eventually, everyone gets their feet wet in raiding. Sometimes...they go in head first and never want to come up. If you're of that second type, see our Raid and PVP Groups Board to see if there's an opening for you.

  • Misc Guild Events
    • Every now and again we'll have a crafting night.
    • Sometimes we'll get together and help people gear up (not on guild night).
    • Occasionally someone organizes an LFR night rather than just doing one spur-of-the-moment in-game.
    • Something is probably going on. You wanna do something? Other people probably will want to as well. Just ask. :)

  • Server Parties
    • Our server parties are an entity all to themselves.
    • We've done some epic parties over the years, we've loved them all, and surely many more are to come.
    • As our 10 year anniversary draws close...who's to say what parties we'll have in the future...or what your role will be in them?
    • (Link page to our past parties coming soon)

  • Stuff IRL
    • Every year, our glorious leader, Don Darias himself shows us really how mental he inviting us to his house.
    • Every guild member is invited to come by for a day or for the whole weekend for food, fun, and insanity in the Central Ohio area.
    • And at the end of the weekend, it's all gone so fast...and we all long for the next year.

  • Horde Side: Mystic Cartel
    • We are an Alliance Guild, but if you want to play on the dark side and just want a place to park your toon, once you're a full member, you can get an invite to our alternate Horde guild, Mystic Cartel.
    • See an officer once you're a full member for an invite.

What are your ranks, and how do you get promoted?
Sleeper Cartel is first and foremost about our community; our family. The ranking system is merely a way to honor our long-standing, active members and to recognize those leaders who have an interest in guiding the future of the guild. Here are the ranks listed with a note regarding each.

The ranking system is large, but please realize that any notions of "working up the ranks" is an attitude not in line with our Core Values. We only look for members who are genuine and sincere in their intentions and commitment to our community. The greatest reward we have as officers is to promote someone who genuinely responds, "Me? Really?" That shows us the individual acted selflessly in order to help make our community grow.

    • Retired
      • This rank is reflected on the website only and not included in the in-game ranking structure and includes former members of Sleeper Cartel.
    • Onorario
      • This rank is also only reflected on the website and is an honor rank for former members of Sleeper Cartel who are taking an indefinite break from the game but still are considered members of the community.
    • Guest
      • Guest/Trial Members and Guild Ambassadors. Note that Guest/Trial Members who wish to convert to full membership should contact a member of Leadership.
      • Guests who wish to be full members are made Associates and proceed through the ranks as discussed below.
    • Associate

    • On Hiatus
      • This rank includes those members of Sleeper Cartel who have communicated to the rest of the guild (to officers or just on the forums) that they are taking a break from WoW due to real life circumstances.
      • On Hiatus members will be granted up to one year of leave before being removed from the guild, but will be contacted by Leadership prior to removal.
    • Club 14
      • This rank is specifically reserved for full members of the guild younger than age 15.
      • A friend or family member of the Club 14 member must also be an existing member of the guild at Family or above.
      • While still considered a full member, guild leadership holds the expectation that their game time is supervised at all times (whether actively online or in person watching them play).
    • Family
      • Being a Family member is considered the standard rank of the guild.
      • Many members achieve this rank and are content to stay there. That's perfectly OK. Upon reaching Family, members can bring in alts to the guild.
    • Lupara
      • Lupara are those members who have been in the guild for 6 months or longer who have proven to possess all of the Sleeper Cartel Core Values and have made a lasting impact on the community.
      • They are welcoming and friendly in guild chat, volunteer their time both in game and on the forums, making fun posts and engaging positively and productively in guild discussions.
      • This is NOT considered higher than Family, it is merely a way to recognize those shining stars of our community who are the most active.

    • Emissary
      • These members possess all the Sleeper Cartel Core Values and are committed to leading and guiding the future of the guild.
      • They are self-starters who have shown level-headed reason and decorum when discussing guild-related issues on the forums and/or with the Leadership Team.
      • Emissaries vote on applications for membership and are directly involved in making micro- and macro-level decisions on behalf of the guild, keeping the guild's Core Values at the forefront of every decision.
      • They make up the core of the leadership team and function as authority in-game or on the forums if the higher ranking officers are not present.
    • Capo
      • These are members who after having been Emissaries for some time are counted on by the guild leader to advise him on decisions.
      • They have proven that they posses an interest and dedication for leadership in the Sleeper Cartel community.
    • Don
      • Darias is our fearless leader. He seeks council from the Capos and/or Emissaries when making every decision.
      • Like any officer, he can be turned to if you have any issues, but he is also the hammer of the guild when trouble brews.

Are there any policies I should know about?

Honestly, most of our "rules" are covered in our Core Values. If you follow them, the rest of your time here is easy. A few other notes that are a bit more specific follow.
  • Blizzard's In-Game Policies
    • We consider it important to set a positive example within the World of Warcraft community, both on Perenolde and anywhere where our members are representing the guild. As we all check the same boxes to accept Blizzard's policies, it should go without saying that we all follow them equally. However, as a guild, we specifically support and enforce to the best of our certain polices, including but not limited to

      • Naming Policy
      • In addition to Blizzard's Character Naming Policy, Sleeper Cartel does not accept character main character names that contain special characters (ex: ä, è, î, ö, û).
        This is a technical issue for updating our roster on the website. We take a download out of the game roster data but WoW doesn't export those characters properly. It's fine for alts, but main toons look really bad on the forums and break things. So, no mains with special characters.
        Sleeper Cartel will also deny names that would reflect poorly on the guild (i.e. Stupidhead, Likeschix, Ipwnyou).

      • Terms of Use and End User License Agreement
      • Sleeper Cartel supports Blizzard's policy regarding account-sharing. The only account-sharing that is permitted is that between a parent and a minor child (i.e. someone in Club 14). Account-sharing between friends, spouses or other family members can potentially put your account, and by extension the guild, at risk. We ask that members be respectful of Blizzard's policy and follow it always.

  • Representing Sleeper Cartel
    • Once your guild tag says, < Sleeper Cartel >, you're representing us to the server (merged realms and CRZs) and even to the WoW universe in general (i.e. if you're on any Blizzard forums or other websites like Wowhead, etc.). We take pride in our guild and we hope you do as well. We ask that you be mindful of that in any of the areas where you might be in contact and representing our guild.

      • in-game text chat (/say, /yell, /raid, General, Trade, etc.)
      • voice channels (TeamSpeak / Ventrillo)
      • Sleeper Cartel Scrawling Boards
      • Blizzard's official WoW forums
      • our Facebook page

    • Regardless of its form, we expect that every guild member follow our Core Values and conduct themselves accordingly.

      • Language in any of the above realms of communication should be clean (PG-rated), civil and non-disruptive.
      • Derogatory or generally disrespectful comments made toward others is not appropriate at any time.
      • Please limit the use of ALL CAPS, l33t sp33k, repeatedly linking gear (i.e. just to show off), etc.
        • Once or twice is funny / warranted in certain situations. After that, it often becomes disruptive and will be discouraged.
      • If there is any doubt in your mind whether or not you should say something, chances are you probably shouldn't.

What else is there on the website?
Our website is our best way to exchange information about the game, schedule and plan events, and communicate with each other...even while not in-game. Once you're a member, there are many other forums and features which will be available to you. We encourage members to log in often, as the website is the main source all the latest Sleeper Cartel news and important information.

Username and Password

Website usernames and passwords are created and emailed to new members within a few days of joining the guild. If you don't have a log-in or have forgotten it, please contact any of the Officers and one will be created for you as soon as possible.

Website Profile

After logging in for the first time, take some time to set up your profile. Show off personality to the rest of the guild! In your profile you can include information about your character, an avatar and include as much or as little real life information about you as you'd like.

NOTE: The guild's leadership team often uses out-of-game email to communicate important information and will also use it to send website log-in information. You may list your email address in your profile and choose to only make it visible to the Officers, or you can make it visible to all logged-in guild members. If you don't have an email address you're comfortable listing, many of our members have created WoW-only email addresses, such as mainname.perenolde(at), and you may wish to do the same.

What if I have to be out of game (for a few days or weeks...or longer)?
We have no requirements or expectations regarding how or when you play. However, we're a community and as such we appreciate a simple courtesy of having you let us know when you'll be AFK for a lengthy period. An email to an officer or even a post on the Scrawling boards that you'll be a way for a bit is fine.

We mentioned above how Associates need to be active during their time before becoming a full member. Once you are a full member however, we ask you still stay rudimentarily active in the game with a few weeks. Our benchmark is three months. If you have notified us, we may place you in our "On Hiatus" rank. Members On Hiatus are afforded a rather lengthy time period to come back to full member status upon their return. However, if you've not notified us, we'll make an effort to contact you, but we may remove you from the roster unless you reply.

Removal from the roster includes your main character as well as any alts. In addition, your website access will also be terminated. However, once you have been removed, you may reapply to the guild via the Membership Application page when you become more active in the game. If this happens, please state the reason why took leave.
Every now and then, alt characters that reach three months of inactivity may also be removed just to prune the roster without notice. If you find that one of your Alts has been removed and you'd like to bring it back into the guild because you plan on playing that alt more frequently, just contact any Officer in-game and they can help you.

What if the wind changes direction?
Sleeper Cartel may not be for everyone. Heck, it may have been for you originally, but maybe you've outgrown us for whatever reason. When it comes down to it, we want players to spend their online time in the manner they most enjoy. We do our best to make sure you'll fit into the guild when you apply, but if at some point your goals change, we can't fault you for looking at options that may suit your goals better.

However, in our constant effort to improve the guild, we ask that you please talk to us ahead of time if you have any concerns about the guild, or want some advice on what you can do to accomplish your goals. We may be able to help or point you in directions you might not have considered.

If you remove any characters from the guild -- whether just an alt or your main character -- please realize that it's at our discretion whether your remaining characters will be removed as well. This is based on factors such as your history within the guild, the circumstances surrounding your decision to remove your characters, and your plan for future activity in the Sleeper Cartel community with your remaining character(s). If removing your character is not contrary to the interests of the guild, and you have a plan for continued active involvement on your remaining character(s), an arrangement may be worked out.

Member Statistics

Sleeper Cartel's charter was created on March 3, 2005 and officially became a guild on March 11, 2005. This new set of Core Values, policies, and this FAQ were adopted on January 15, 2009.

Guild statistics
Total members:   81 guild members
(+249 alts)
Average level:   Level 90
(90 not including initiates or alts)
Highest level:   Rhodanthe-Perenolde (level 100)
Lowest level:   Maarit-Cairne (level 1)
Newest member:   Pursue-Perenolde
Oldest member
Num of Deathknights:   26
Num of Druids:   35
Num of Hunters:   44
Num of Mages:   32
Num of Paladins:   33
Num of Priests:   30
Num of Rogues:   25
Num of Shamans:   24
Num of Warlocks:   30
Num of Warriors:   34

Additional statistics about SC members can be found on our Member Statistics page, or by checking out our WoW Armory page.

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