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Has your guild got the Expansion Jitters?

Taking a break from progression due to summer attendance?

Is "bored at 70" starting to feel like "bored at 60" two years ago?

Maybe you just need a break.
Maybe you just need a night to kick back.
And maybe...just maybe...Sleeper Cartel can help!

On Saturday, July 26th, 2008 @ 7pm Perenolde server time (MST), Sleeper Cartel presented to the denizens of Perenolde, one of our epic parties. The entire server is invited from the guy who rolled here on day one down to that gal from off-server who rolled on the server the morning of the party...just to see the magic.

In case you've never seen us in action, take a look at our previous events including our 2007 Spring Party "The Sleeper Supremacy", our 2006 Hallow's End Party, or last year's Summer Party.

Here's some footage from the event!

Coming from off-server? Roll an alliance alt on Perenolde and send me or one of my officers a mail in-game prior to the party and we'll arrange for transport (summons) the night of the party. This offer is limited ONLY to those who mail us in advance.

This is now our third summer party, and with the truckload of materials our members have farmed up, it's bound to be HUGE.

For those who spent their early days in Elwynn Forest, you're probably quite familiar with the bitter feud between the Stonefields and the Maclures. What few people outside of the back country realize is that for one weekend out of the entire year, Ma Stonefield and Pa Maclure and their kin set aside the differences between their two families. Harkening back to the days from before the feud when the families lived in peace, they have a summer celebration.

This year, the families have asked for Sleeper Cartel's assistance to (as Pa Maclure put it), "...have us one heck of a hillbilly hootenanny!"

Events planned for the evening include:

Party Attire

Heck boy...this ain't no fancy shindig. If ya ain't got no duds, we'll get ya set up right quick. We do ask ya to put a shirt on though (there's ladies round!).

(While supplies last!)

Fireworks Galore

A month of preparing fireworks and firework launchers will help make sure the close of the party is one to remember. Free fireworks for all, or bring your own.

Darias went down to Hillsbrad

It's evil. I mean it's just diabolical. Who would do things like this to his fellow players?

Oh. Darias is just killing gnomes again. That makes sense.

Bobbing for Apples!

Try your luck! One or two of our guildies will be handing out gift wrapped items. Might be some gray vendor junk, might be a green of some random usage. Then again...might be more mixed in there.


In adition to the actual events, as with any of our parties, we'll have plenty of food to distribute. Drinks also will be provided (free BEvERages)..

B'ar Wrasslin'!

And how would you like to wrestle the bear? I mean, five of our guildies will each get to wrestle him for 60 seconds (thump) or less, whichever comes first.

Bare-Knuckle Brawlin'

No shirts, no shoes, no spells...nothin but your fists. You man enough to take a punch to the face?

Catchin' the Greased Pig

Can there be ANYTHING more epic than a level one Hogger raid? Heck no. So, roll yourself a new toon, gather up some friends and see if you can take Hoggy down in the time help from outside though.

Snowball Fight!

Carrying on the tradition from previous years' summer parties, we've got a stockpile of Snowballs to hand out towards the end of the party. Once they're all passed out, we'll give the word, and then everyone can let loose!

Epic Item Giveaway

Everyone placing in any of our events will be entered into a draw to win an EPIC (purple) item, which will be drawn for at the end of the night. You won't need to be present to win, but you'll need to have completed and placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any of our games.

Let's settle this...

Even a day of peace eventually comes to an end. A couplea cross words and...well...fists get thrown. To take care of the...high spirits...we've gone and rented that there arena down south. Ya'll are all invited. :)

Tears on a Wedding Dress?

There are two more heart-sick lovers between the families these days. In the end, will there be wedding bells for Beaudry and Daddee...or only more tears?

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