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They came, they saw, they raided Undercity afterwards!
On Saturday, March 24th at 7pm (server time), The Sleeper Cartel hosted it's second annual spring party (and it's second anniversary as a guild), this time at Ravenholdt Manor in Hillsbrad Foothills on the Perenolde server. Everyone was invited regardless of their level, guild and even faction (yes, that means the horde were invited too). Over 2500g in games, prizes, and materials were distributed. We've held events before, each one carefully filmed and photographed: our Second Hallowe'en party, our Summer Party, our Shamrock Shindig and our First Hallowe'en party.

(Created by Nightkid)

(Created by Crescence)

Some interesting facts...

Over 350 participants16 horde showed up
70 Sleeper Cartel guild members running events2500g in prizes
Dozens and dozens of guild members involved with pre-event farming1000+ Rockets and rocket clusters manufactured and launched
30 people undertook our "Sleeper Identity" quest8+ finishing racers in "The Lordaeron Noose"
1000 players personally invited13 Free Tonk Controlers given out

Our fun and games for the evening:

Lordaeron Noose (Race)

To initiate young members to the ranks of Ravenholdt, the manor holds an annual test of endurance, patience, and utter futility. Are you up to the challenge? See here for the rules and prizes.

The Sleeper Identity

Espionage and double-agents abound! Can the missing documents be found? Come try this player-run quest!

Operation: Fishhook

We're looking for 3-eyed fish, talking fish, robot fish, and even fish with laser beams attached to their heads! (pew! pew!) Enter the fishing contest for big prizes!

Top Agent Tournament

It's a true 'Spy vs. Spy" when the Top Agent Tournament gets rolling. They'll use all their gadgets and gizmos to prove that they're the best in no-holds-barred, hand-to-hand combat in this dueling contest!

Party Attire

Sorry, formal dress is required, as all super spies know when they attend soirees like this. We'll be providing full tuxedos for anyone not bringing their own. (Hey, we have 3000 bolts of mageweave, why not?)

Find the 'Fiche

All these packages and no one knows which one contains the secret microfiche! Can you help us find it?

Fireworks Galore

A month of preparing fireworks and firework launchers will help make sure no one is actively spying on us -- they'd be lit up like a Christmas tree! Free fireworks for all, or bring your own.

Prize Tokens

If you win or complete one of our games you'll be awarded prize tokens. Turn them in to our prize redeemer for cold hard cash!


In addition to the actual events, as with any of our parties, we'll have plenty of party-themed food to distribute. Drinks also will be provided (free BEvERages).

Epic Item Giveaway

Everyone placing in any of our events will be entered into a draw to win an EPIC (purple) item, which will be drawn for at the end of the night. You won't need to be present to win, but you'll need to have completed and placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any of our games.

For the horde! All members of the horde showing up split a pot of 300g , our largest ever prize for hordies. 16 people split this amount after the party.

This party is the result of countless hours by countless guildies who came up with event ideas, worked out logistics, farmed the thousands of materials, donated gold and volunteered their time. This would not be possible without them, and of course, everyone who shows up to see the fruits of our labour! Thank you Perenolde!
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