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The Sleeper Cartel Dreamer

Newsletter for the Sleeper Cartel, a Perenolde

Alliance Guild

Volume 1, Issue 3

The Sleeper Cartel is an Alliance Guild on the Perenolde Server who focuses on family-friendly fun, activities, raiding, and PvP. 190 members strong, the Sleeper Cartel strives to get the most out of the community and gameplay offered by World of Warcraft.

New Emissary for the Sleeper Cartel

In October, the Sleeper Cartel chose its newest Emissary, Vint. In light of his service and dedication to the guild, Karin chose Vint to be promoted to the rank of Emissary, a position where he is responsible for helping facilitate the organization and continued smooth running of the guild. Along with his new responsibilities within the guild, Vint will help in the selection process of new guild members and in discussions with Karin and the officers in trying to find new ways to improve our guild for our members! Congratulations, Vint, from all your guild mates!

Beta Keys Expected Any Day Now

The Sleeper Cartel, through our participation in Blizzard’s Guild Relations Program, has been given the opportunity to Beta-Test the upcoming expansion pack for the World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade. Our guild list has been submitted to Blizzard, and our membership should expect to receive their Beta Keys in the near future. While our responsibilities within the Beta Test are serious (search for bugs and problems in the expansion), it is also our chance to get an exclusive preview of the new items, areas and activities available in the Burning Crusade. Enjoy your Beta Keys when you get them, but remember your responsibilities as a tester!

Guild Motto: What Says “Sleeper Cartel” To You?

Blizzard has requested that we select a guild motto for the Sleeper Cartel, and in true SC style, our membership has suggested several options that Karin posted for us to give our opinions on. Our choices were:

Wide awake since 2005 (suggested by Jeorgia);
Seriously casual gaming (suggested by Charlimangy);
Casual gaming for all lifestyles (suggested by Halard);
The true epics in the game are your guildies (suggested by Vint); and
A rare guild where the parties are epic, and the friendships are legendary (suggested by Darias).

After much consideration by our membership, Karin submitted our guild motto to be used by Blizzard on our feature page (as part of the Guild Relations Program) provided by them. The motto chose by the guild was, “A rare guild where parties are epic and friendships are legendary”, submitted by Darias and edited / reworded by Kiral. In a true show of what a guild can do when they work together, our guild motto says who we are, what we stand for and how we feel about our membership. 

In the past, the guild chose “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne as our guild theme song, and in combination with our guild motto, this paints the Sleeper Cartel as a fun-loving, social and driven guild that strives to achieve total inclusion of all members. Thanks to all who supplied mottos for consideration, and for everyone who gave their input on the tough decision of choosing a motto for the Sleeper Cartel!

New Add-On for the Sleeper Cartel: SC_RedBanker
We all know that Karin is constantly in search of new add-ons and procedures to make the guild and its services more user-friendly, and his newest creation, SC_RedBanker, is no exception. In an effort to make the banking system easier to use for those who administer the banks (Sleepermats and Sleeperbank), Karin has developed this banking add-on which, when used correctly, generates a list of guild members most likely to get the most use out of any piece of equipment, tradeskill item or tome that has been donated to the guild. For more information about the uses of SC_RedBanker, please see Karin’s post on the General Chat Scrawling Board titled “New Addon: SC_RedBanker”. 

A Place to Call "Home”
In a fit of anxiousness, the SC has recently laid claim to an unused inn in the Park section of Stormwind to use as a Guild House. During a guild night ceremony on November 4, Wintersfury led the guild night attendees to our new home where we partied down, explored our new digs and made ourselves at home. The inn features a mailbox outside, easy access to the moonwell in the park, and ample space for the guild to hold both formal and informal guild gatherings. At this time, we are unable to set our hearthstone at the Guild House. If you missed the guild night opening of the guild house and would like to know its location, one of our many friendly members will be more than happy to show you our new home!

Know Your Fellow Guildies: Yeshe

In the spotlight this issue: Yeshe. Here’s a little interview conducted with her via e-mail on November 16, 2006:

1. What's your favorite Sleeper Cartel memory?

That has to be watching Karin and Pojo recruit Aenelle back in late June. I was lurking offline that day while s/he was sitting on the dock at Redridge, and here come these two guys who danced and made jokes and kept changing outfits, all the while having a real conversation. I about fell off my chair laughing it was so delightful and funny, and I decided that day to roll a toon on Perenolde so I could join Sleeper Cartel.

 2. What member of the Sleeper Cartel would you pick to recognize as being especially helpful to you and your adventures in Azeroth?

 There have been many people who have been wonderfully helpful with encouragement, time, information, good company, loot and even gold. But if I had to choose only one person, that would be Shamerock/Suncrawler because he is extraordinarily generous, incredibly efficient, knowledgeable and consistent. And occasionally, quietly, hilarious.

Honorable mentions go to Aenelle, Kookookachu, Kimen, Callistana, Pamplemousse, Kenndal and every Sleeper who ever made me laugh.

 3. If you could pick a movie star to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be, and why?

Hmm. Ellen Burstyn, because she starred in my favorite film, which epitomizes what I want to be when I grow up: Resurrection (1980).

4. What's your dream car (be specific - color, year, etc.) and if you have a reason why this is your dream car, say why.

 Dream car? One that works no matter what! (Okay, 1956 T-bird red/white – I like fins!)

5. What zone is your favorite in the World of Warcraft? What instance zone?

 Favorites? Hmm, don't really have any of those; they are all unique!

6. What would you like everyone inside and outside the guild to know about the Sleeper Cartel?

That it's... "a rare guild where the parties are epic and the friendships are legendary!"  

Thanks go out to Yeshe for taking a few minutes out of her day to answer a few questions for the Sleeper Cartel! 

 November Birthdays

11/6 – Foad

11/7 – Ogravin

11/15 – Ultima

11/16 – Maxa

11/20 – Isagara

11/22 – Lettice

11/23 – Seraphene

11/25 – Timmydan

 Is your birthday in November? Send a message to “Newshound” in-game or and tell the SC Dreamer about it!

New 60’s And Other Milestone Levels

11/12 - Tasera (Shikaro's alt) reached level 60!

Have you just hit level 60 and you want the guild to know about it? Proud you finally made it to level 30, 40 or 50? Send a message to “Newshound” in-game or and tell the SC Dreamer about it!

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