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On Saturday, October 29th 2005, Sleeper Cartel hosted a server-wide Hallowe'en-themed event! Our uniformed volunteer team (over 25 strong) was on hand to run 5-6 games that were open to everyone, and we gave away over 600g worth of money, prizes and food in an event that cost us over 900g to put on! Around 150 people showed up, and hilarity ensued...

Costume Contest


Uniformed Guildies

140 guild masters (horde and alliance) were invited 25 guildies ran the event
500 Savory Deviate Delight given out 450+ free rounds of drinks
160 Fireworks used 200 cooked food items given away
30 Heavy Leather Balls 160g worth of costumes sold
40+ people who won in at least one of our games, and from whom 2 of which won an epic item 6 members of the horde showed up
11 members of Brotherhood showed up wearing only tabards, then gave us money to help out 4-5 hours of entertainment (people showed up way before 7pm and didn't leave until after 10:30pm)
Completely drained the auction house of mageweave during the event 4 rare items donated to us (three from another guild master)
17 new applications to join our guild Many many great comments

Custom quests, scary!

Brotherhood in attendance

No one could tell we were here...

Our fun and games for the evening:

Quest Series

Sleeper Cartel members have written a custom quest series that will take you some of the spookiest places in Azeroth! Over 60g in prizes for participants. This event will be run 3-4 times throughout the night, one hour apart, and should take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Bobbing for Skulls

You've seen Blizzard's attempt to bob for apples, well we've got the guts to do a scarier game, Bobbing for Skulls! Talk to our guild member downstairs in the Cathedral catacombs and recieve a gift-wrapped box. If it contains a skull, you win 1g !

Costume Contest

Tis the season to flaunt your scariest duds! Come with the most creative, funniest, or scariest costume and get a chance to win 20g! We'll do this contest three times, one hour apart.

Scavenger Hunts

Join us for a mad dash through Stormwind for our mini scavenger hunts. There's just one catch -- participants must be drunk! Drinks are provided. Prizes for first, second and third fastest players. This mini-event will run throughout the night.

PvP Action

The horde are invited to this event too, so watch out! 100g will be split among all horde members making it up to the altar in the Cathedral during the night of the event. Whistle at the Sleeper Cartel guild member in the Admiral's Hat to get put on the prize list.

Store-Bought Costumes

Remember when you'd see all those great store-bought costumes as a kid? Well we're doing the same thing, but in-game! Our costumes aren't too expensive, but they do help us recover our costs (everything else is free). Click here for a list and gallery of costumes we'll be selling!

Free Food & Drink

As with all our server-wide events, we'll have a chef and a bartender on hand to provide all the food and drink you can handle. Have you had your helping of Kaldorei Spider Kabob lately?

Epic Item Giveaway

Everyone placing in any of our events will be entered into a draw to win an EPIC (purple) item, which will be drawn for at the end of the night. You won't need to be present to win, but you'll need to have completed and placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any of our games.

All events were FREE to particpants, and we gave out free Hallowe'en-themed Orange Mageweave Shirts to anyone who wanted one! There was no entry fee, no pre-registration and no obligation. We simply did this to help everyone have a fun time and maybe bump up our reputation a notch for being a fun-loving, organized guild.
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