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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Sleeper Cartel?

The Sleeper Cartel is a guild of mature, easy-going and helpful players who are keen to explore and experience many aspects of the game. This includes raiding, questing, tradeskilling, exploring and everything else in between. We like to cater to many different playstyles and we won't ask you to change how (or how often) you play. We assume that by joining the guild you are already a friendly person and willing to help out others when you can.

We formed on March 3rd, 2005 and officially became a guild on March 11th, 2005. As of today we have 81 members and 249 alts, for a total of 331 characters in the guild.

Guild statistics
Total members:   81 guild members
(+249 alts)
Average level:   Level 90
(90 not including initiates or alts)
Highest level:   Fraise-Perenolde (level 100)
Lowest level:   Maarit-Cairne (level 1)
Newest member:   Pursue-Perenolde
Oldest member
Num of Deathknights:   26
Num of Druids:   35
Num of Hunters:   44
Num of Mages:   32
Num of Paladins:   33
Num of Priests:   30
Num of Rogues:   25
Num of Shamans:   24
Num of Warlocks:   30
Num of Warriors:   34

What does the tabard look like?

The tabard was designed by Shadowknife and became official the same day the guild charter was turned in. You can see an image of it on the left (click to enlarge).

How do I join?

The best way is to go to the Recruiting page and fill out a bit of information about yourself. If you have any questions, type the following in-game:

/who "Sleeper"

And feel free to ask anyone on that list. If you'd like to speak with an officer, check for any of these people online as we'd be happy to help you:
  • Karin(Ringleader)
  • Darias(Sergeant-at-arms)
  • Juliea(Sergeant-at-arms)
  • Wintersfury(Sergeant-at-arms)
  • Jettarus(Sergeant-at-arms)
Can my friends join? What is your recruiting policy?

Ideally you should have grouped with this person before. One of the officers will do an impromptu interview, just to bounce some questions off of them and determine their intentions, then they'll get accepted as a trainee.

The best way to get people in the guild is to ask that they visit our website, since the extra information here will help both us and the recruit know if we're a good fit for each other.

What are the ranks? How do I get promoted?

Ranks in this guild are largely for fun and reward dedicated service. They are:
  • Trainee (for new and lvl20 or below characters)
  • Agent (normal member)
  • Operative (distinguished member)
  • Snoop (honoured member)
  • Emissary (exhalted member)
  • Superspy (tradeskill expert)
  • Sergeant-at-arms (officer)
  • Ringleader

The best way to move up in the ranks is to be helpful! Socialize, donate an item or two, help the lower-levels, the sort of thing that helps out other members and the guild in general. Having a higher rank will mean people with come to you for advice and assistance, and is a well-respected position!

We're currently looking for tradeskill experts. If you've got at least a 200+ skill with your tradeskill and you'd like to be the guild mentor for that trade, please let me know! Ideally you would help guildies in that same trade, make items for those who need it, answer questions, etc.

You can see our current guild roster here, along with ranks.

Do you allow alts?

Yes, alternate characters, or "alts" as they're known, are welcome in the Sleeper Cartel, so long as your main character is also in the guild. All your alts have the same rank as your main character.

To see whose alt is whose, open up the Guild Screen and click on the little Officer Notes icon near the bottom. If they're an alt, you'll see the name of their main character listed there. All players have access to the Officer Notes, as they're only used to store alt information.

If you have a horde character, check out our horde guild, the Mystic Cartel.

Do you hold guild events?

Yes, we do 1-2 events per week! Our general guild night is every Friday night and every few weeks we hold a tradeskill night (where we focus on developing/using one particular tradeskill).

We also have a Dungeon-of-the-Month, where we focus on getting as many guildies familiar and run through a specific dungeon as possible, so we can complete quests, level up, and in turn help other guildies and tackle harder dungeons. We'll often pick dungeons that are near the average level of all our guildies, not just the higher-level ones.

We also do mini-events like fundraisers, footraces, money-making tours, photo tours and so on. For more details please check out our Events page.

Attendance at guild events is optional.

How does the banking system work?

We have a character called Sleeperbank that acts as the bank and donation centre. We encourage people to send items they think might be useful to others in the guild to this character through the in-game mail system. Money, food, weapons, patterns, etc are all appreciated and ultimately helps out the entire guild.

Our bank page has more details. The bank is here to help you, so if you ever need money for skills, your mount, etc please don't be shy and let us know!

Will the guild help me get my mounts?

Yes, definitely! Every guildie is entitled to 15g free from the guild bank for their regular mount. Just send an in-game mail asking about it and it shall be yours.

We've also worked out a discount program where if you buy your mount through the guild via one of the officers, you can get a 20% discount on the normal price of your mount (both regular and epic mounts!).

This means that regular mounts will cost 64g (in addition to the 18g training cost you must buy for the riding skill), and epic mounts will cost only 800g. You can have your pick of mounts of course, and the guild will get you your new mount within a few days, as soon as possible.

Currently this offer is only open for rams, cats and horses. Mechanostriders can't yet be purchased through the guild mount purchasing program. If you have a PvP rank of Sergeant or better, you can help! All volunteers get compensated a few gold for their time for each mount they help purchase. :)

What about voice-chat software?
There are many external programs you can run in the background while you play World of Warcraft that will let you actually talk to other players, just like you would on a phone call. The advantage of this is that you can quickly and easily let everyone know what's going on without having to type anything. This gets more important in higher-level dungeons or when you're raiding, but you can use it anytime (or not at all). If you don't have a microphone, you can still listen in.

The program we use is:
Keep in mind that using voice chat software is optional. It may however be required for guild-raids to facilitate quicker communication.

I have a horde character...
Great, the Mystic Cartel is our horde guild for Sleeper Cartel members, meant as a way for us to keep in touch with each other while we play our horde characters. All guild events will still take place on the alliance side, however this way we can group with people we already know.

To join, log in as your horde character and type:

/who "Mystic Cartel"

Ask anyone who shows up in that list for a guild invite, otherwise whisper one of the officers on the alliance side or ask in guild chat.

I might arrange a cross faction event one day. Possibly battlegrounds or a chicken hunt. :)

Are there any recommended AddOns?
AddOns are files you can download that will enhance or extend the user interface of the game, and are compatible with both Macs and PCs. The Sleeper Cartel has the following guild-specific addons that we recommend:
  • SC_GuildNote - This tiny addon will update your Public Note with your tradeskill information automatically whenever you gain a skill point, and runs invisibly in the background.

  • SC_ItemTradeskills - This addon will tell you what tradeskill an item is used for, along with what skill level and how many recipes use it. Info is showed in item tooltips when you roll over them with your mouse. Useful for when you have an item you don't know what to do with, and are considering donating it to a guildie or are just interested. Note that ReagentData is a required addon if you want to use SC_ItemTradeskills, as it contains the miniature database of tradeskill recipes.

  • SC_ChaChing - This addon will play a "Cha-ching!" sound every time an auction of yours sells. Very fun!

To install them, first extract/unzip the downloaded file. Then place that whole folder here: World of Warcraft Folder -> Interface -> AddOns. If those folders don't exist, you'll need to create them first.

What are the guidelines?

Why, I'm glad you asked! These are common-sense guidelines that just help to keep everything fair and enjoyable.

Public Note
In your Public Note (on the in-game guild screen), it's a good idea to enter your tradeskill professions and skill level. The guild bank will often send out items to people who can use them. If we don't have your tradeskill info, we don't know if you can use it, and the item goes to someone else or into storage. To make life easier, consider downloading SC_GuildNote, a guild-only addon which will do this for you automatically!

Treat your fellow guildies with respect.

Guild chat

Basically anything goes in guild chat. The following topics or actions however won't be tolerated:
  • Spamming
  • Excessive use of l33t-speak or n00b-speak
  • Real-world racism
  • Sexism
  • Lewdness or excessive vulgarity
  • All caps
  • Derogatory/disrespectful comments directed at guildies or others
During guild events the chatter on the guild channel should be kept to a minimum.

Looting ettiquette
Chests you find while in a group should be rolled for. You can do this by typing:


Whoever rolls the highest gets to take what they like from the chest. If there's anything left over, then the second highest gets to loot, and so on.

Once you loot an item that is bind-on-pickup, no one else can use that item except yourself. So check to see who in the group needs it the most.

Need before greed
Typically if you can't use an item, think twice about rolling for it. If no one needs it (or it's far below everyones level) then feel free to snag it.

General looting guidelines
It's always up to your group leader as to what the final loot rules will be, however these are the recommended loot rules intended to keep everything fair yet still moving along.

It's suggested that everyone rolls on every green item that is not a Bind-on-Pickup item, regardless of whether or not you can use it. Make sure you say something if you want it so that whoever wins it can give it to you. The idea behind this is that often a lot of items will drop that no one needs, so this is a quick way to distribute the loot while keeping the option open for whomever can/will use them. All Bind-on-Pickup and blue items however should be on a need-before-greed basis, meaning if you can and will wear it, feel free to roll and try your luck!

High-level looting guidelines
As players climb the level ladder, there will invariably be items specifically desired by players (set pieces, etc). Seeing as how we're not a raiding guild we won't be implementing systems like Dragon Kill Points (DKP). Instead, I suggest you know your set pieces and withold rolling on an item that belongs to a set that isn't intended for your class. If no one of that class is in your group, typically you'd say if you can and will use it, and then roll amongst those people. Otherwise if no one can/will use it, feel free to greed roll on it to see who can sell it (or donate it to the guild!).

Epic items are items with purple names. If/when you ever find one, it'll be the highlight of your WoW day :) Congratulations! Remember that they're just artificial items in an artificial world and that there's a lot of things you can do when your group finds one:
  • Need-before-greed roll
  • Free-for-all roll
  • Get one person to sell it and then split the money
  • Donate it to the guild (which would in turn be given to a very deserving member or sold)
  • Let someone have it in exchange for a favor (next purple is yours, or if they find some of your set pieces for example)
  • Disenchant it, getting you 8-50g in multiple shards
I have a problem with one of your members, who do I talk to?
Any of the guild officers will be happy to help, and complaints are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If it's a problem with one of our officers, please contact me (Karin) directly.

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