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We Wipe on Trash
beginner Raid and PvP group
Last updated October 8, 2009 @ 2:41:41PM
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To provide a specific day and time of the week for Sleepers and their friends to see new content and enjoy more aspects of WoW.
This is to be a low pressure, learn about raiding and pvp'ing, fun time.
You will die, you will have repair bills, but you will see new content, you will kill hordies.

Time and day-
Friday evenings 7pm til 8pm (or less if we get 10 together) PvP'ing Batttlegrounds, Wintergrasp, etc...
(Pvp'ing solo is painful with with a group much more fun)
8pm til 10pm if we have at least 8 of us Raiding - Naxx mainly, but Vault... as well

Gear, Lvl, Add on requirements-
None ,
although will be focusing on lvl 80 content i have no problem bringing lower lvl's in there if possible.
TS is useful and fun to chat but not needed.
Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, Etc .... I have been raiding for years and never used them so... useful but not needed.

Every Pass 1st
If upgrade then those folks will /roll
If no one wants then we de
Shards will be rolled for by folks who did not get any loot at end of night
If you have rec'd an item pass on future drops unless no one wants it
Tier Items- everyone will be able to roll for tier items even if the got loot already during current run.

Mistakes will happen, we can trade items now, loot will come do not sweat it, this group is about playing a game, having fun.
When playing Monopoly my brothers and I always wanted to be the Car we would roll for it and we all got to be the Car sometime,
same idea here with loot we will all get loot sometime.

In order to have a decent shot at Naxx we will need a well geared Main Tank, I am a Naxx/Ulduar geared healer so i should be able to get us thru some tight spots.
I do not care bout group make up besides a well geared main tank, heck i would love to have a pet as an off tank just to try it.
Yep this is "We Wipe on Trash" every Friday Nite
Hope to see you there.


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