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Team DA Raid Charter
Last updated February 3, 2009 @ 11:42:08AM
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Development Arrested Raid Charter


The objective of Development Arrested (referred to as DA for short) is to provide players with the desire to raid an opportunity to engage in 25-man content within a laid back team environment. Our raid will be comprised of experienced leaders, with what we hope will be a team of new and highly motivated raiders. Our goal is to introduce as many new raiders as possible to the 25-man raid scenario, using level 70 Burning Crusade content as a starting point. DA will operate with a fun first, learning second, and loot third philosophy in mind.


The raid will begin each week on Tuesday, at 7:30pm server time. All attendees will be encouraged to be ready for invites and summons at 7:15, and first pull at 7:30. The raid will end after the last boss or 9:30 server time, whichever comes first. Any boss encounter that could cause a raid to run over the 9:30 limit will be decided on by member vote, with simple majority rules. Pending raid member input, we may make a Thursday run available to clear additional content within the same hours of 7:30 to 9:30.


DA will have an open roster which will operate on a first come, first serve basis. Signups will go out on Wednesday following a run, and be due in by midnight Sunday so that the raid leaders may plan strategy and post it in advance on Monday as needed. If our run is short, we will ask in guild chat, followed by the SGA channel. Players are encouraged to bring their alts after they have satisfied their gear and rep desires from each individual location, provided the swap does not affect raid strategy. (I.E. swapping a main tank for a dps toon, when no other tanks are available.)


All members of the regular DA roster will be required to confirm their presence in advance through the signup system. If a raid member has signed up, but will be unable to attend, they must notify the leader of their raid team at least 6 hours in advance, so that other arrangements can be made. We understand that sometimes things happen, and that this requirement will be sometimes impossible to meet, and will look at each situation on a case by case basis. Raid members who attend 3 weeks consecutively will be added to the full-time roster. Conversely, raid members who are absent 3 weeks consecutively will be moved to the alternates roster. After we have filled our roster requirement, any member should only need to attend one raid every three weeks to stay on the full-time roster. Raid group leaders will be required to attend 3 out of every 4 weekly raids. Should any player who has signed up need to bow out of the run at any time, if they are able to provide a suitable replacement they will avoid any attendance penalty. In the event that a Thursday run is scheduled, only the Tuesday run will count against a player's attendance record. We will not penalize a player for not making an impromptu run. Again, this is about fun and learning. Our attendance rules are only to ensure that the other 24 players have every opportunity to make their runs.

Roster Openings

We are currently asking all players and classes with interest to sign up. Based on the specific response, we will update our roster needs. Once we have our basic roster in place, we will assign the following roles within the raid:

1. Raid Leader: (Biznesox). Will coordinate all groups and manage the raid in general. Responsible for ensuring communication between the group leaders and the rest of the raid. Will provide detailed strategy to all raid members via the web forums. Will monitor the raid attendance and update roster accordingly.

2. Tank Group Leader: (Daddee). Will be responsible for handing out tanking assignments, marking targets and making or calling out pulls.

3. Healer Group Leader: (Adrianelle). Will be responsible for giving out healing, cleanse and de-curse assignments.

4. Caster DPS Leader: (Nuri). Will give out DPS placement and strategy instructions as well as CC assignments.

5. Physical DPS Leader: (TBD). Same as above for melee classes and hunters.

6. Master Looter: (TBD). Will call out loot rolls and hand out winnings. Will collect non-soulbound drops to be distributed at the end of the raid, or deposited in the guild bank.

7. Disenchanter: (Lucillebluth). Designated player to receive all BOP Rares and Epics for sharding.

Edit: For the time being, the Master Looter and Disenchanter position will be merged into one responsibility, and Lucillebluth with handle both.


Loot will be distributed using the Master Looter system, with Need/Greed rules in place. The loot threshold will be set to Rare, so raid members will be able to pick up greens without rolling, based on regular loot rotation. Raid members must wait until all players have been rezzed before looting. All raid members are required to stay in the same area after a boss has been defeated until all loot has been distributed. Please do not leave the rest of the raid behind while loot is being sorted out. BOP Blues and Epics will be passed on at the time of the drop, after which the Master Looter will call out the item that is being rolled for. Rolls are to be for your current toon in its primary spec (the spec you are in for the raid). If an item receives no rolls, we will allow players to roll for items for an off-spec set (I.E. a Protection Paladin rolling on healing gear). Sharding an item will be the last resort, and any players that do not receive an item in the course of the run will be eligible to roll on the shards at the end of the raid. We do ask that players be considerate of the rest of the team when rolling on an item. If the helm your wearing has an iLevel of 125, and the one that dropped has an iLevel of 128, then it may be better for the team as a whole, if you give the helm over to the player who's helm has an iLevel of 97. As stated above, loot falls behind fun and learning in our raid philosophy. The first rule of Team DA: It's about the people, not the prizes!

Special note on rep items: Items that drop for rep grinds will automatically go to the Master Looter, who will place them in the Cartel Guild Bank after the run.

Special note on quest items: Items such as [Head of Onyxia] that begin quests, and only drop one per run, will be available to any player who is eligible regardless of whether or not they received prior loot.

Communication and Addons

Raid members will be required to have Teamspeak installed and working on your system in time for the raid. Microphones are recommended but optional, and speech settings should be set to press-to-speak. We will use the Sleeper Cartel Teamspeak server for the runs. Required addons will be Omen Threat Meter and Ora2. Both can be downloaded at Your team leader may have additional addon requirements based on your role in the raid.
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