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Guild Ambassador Program
How it works.
Last updated August 3, 2008 @ 11:39:02PM
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Sleeper Cartel
Guild Ambassador Program

In WoW as in real life, the most successful communities have a strong foundation or core value upon which its structure is built. For Sleeper Cartel, that core value is the basic goodness of people and it expresses itself as generosity, accommodation, trust and trustworthiness, and strong, dynamic relationships. These extend from a virtual community into the real world as genuine friendships, local and national gatherings and charitable contributions and support.

One of the hallmarks of the Sleeper Cartel community is diversity; we are all about accommodation, communication, learning and the exchange of ideas. It is this dynamic flow that allows the guild to be flexible and evolve along with the needs and desires of its members. We are a social guild – famous for organizing server-wide parties and Blizzard’s Guild Relations Program – but we also had six raid groups in TBC content and now have several teams running Northrend content.

We are proud of our accomplishments but don’t want to rest on our laurels; we are interested in how you define success and achieve it, too. If you are involved in the leadership of another guild and interested in the exchange of ideas and cultures, we invite you to participate in our Guild Ambassador program. We realize there is a lot that guilds can learn from each other and are looking for guilds willing to participate in a cultural exchange that allows one of our members into your guild as an Ambassador in exchange for a similar spot in Sleeper Cartel.

This exchange begins with a low level character rolled on another server and a willingness to jump in and engage with total strangers. It requires a time commitment, but regularity is more relevant than amount of time. And it helps to have an outgoing personality so that you can build relationships upon which the exchange of learning can flow. We put no criteria on what or how that learning occurs; some want to learn about organization, some need to get ideas for events, others come to learn about balancing the needs of a large, fast-growing guild. Our most successful exchanges brought in Ambassadors who leveled a toon from 1 to 70+, participated fully with the guild and went home to build successful guilds of their own.

This is a diplomatic arrangement, and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Participation in this program is limited; application is no guarantee of acceptance. If you are interested, please fill out our Membership Application form and mention that you are interested in our Guild Ambassador program, along with details about your guild and a link to your website.

EDIT - 01/26/09
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