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Epic Cartel Raid Charter
Information about the raid group for Mystic Cartel and Epic Dolls memebers.
Last updated July 15, 2008 @ 11:36:05AM
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Epic Cartel Raid Charter

To provide a relaxed Naxxramas (and beyond) raid experience for members of Mystic Cartel, Nyx, and Epic Dolls. Many here are new to raiding, so there will be NO pressure or demands for perfection. All that's required is that you show up on time, with all your raid accoutrements (consumables, pots, etc.), ready to learn and hopefully pwn some bosses.

Schedule: Epic Cartel is on hiatus until we are ready to raid Naxxramas at level 80.

Roster of Available Characters:
10 empty slots

Planning and Communication: The Epic Dolls forums will be our primary method of communication and coordination. Each week the raid leader will post a planning thread for the raid. Group members will post their availability at least one day prior to raid day. That way if we are going to be missing people we can find substitutes.

Loot Rules: Blue items will be handled with the in-game "need or greed" system. All purples are passed on. Then, a manual need roll (/roll) will proceed for all whose role fits the gear. If a person has already received a purple on this run, the second person in line who hasn't will get priority on it. If no one wants, those who would like it for an off spec (for example: a feral druid wanting to roll on +healing leather gloves for a healing set) may then roll for it. If no one still wants the item in question, it will then be disenchanted and we will roll for the shards at the end of the raid.

Raid Tips: Download Omen and Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs. Try not to loot while in combat or when anyone is dead. Don't release from your body during a boss fight until the entire group is dead. Also please download and use Ventrilo even if you don't have a mic. It greatly helps with communication. Also, if you want to study up on boss fights before we see them, there's tons of info at WoWwiki. And one final tip: have fun!

Plans for the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion
When the expansion is released we will stop raiding Karazhan and level our characters in Northrend. On our normal raid nights we will split into two groups and do Northrend 5 man instances together. We may cut back to one night per week if scheduling becomes a problem (for instance, over the holidays or end of semester final exams, etc.). When we all hit level 80 (There's no hurry to level, we're taking our time and exploring Northrend) and think we are ready, we will begin raiding in Naxxramas 2.0.

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Updated 11/02/2008 - Stephenn/Roswynn
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