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Guild Looting Rules
How to not ninja from your guildies.
Last updated December 4, 2006 @ 6:15:59AM
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(Originally from this thread.)

Looting in this guild has always been phenominal. I've never seen huge problems, but in addition to the definitions in the Guildlines section of our FAQ (Looting ettiquette), I thought an expansion of it would be handy for all to have.

More rules may be added to this as time goes on, but feel free to comment on them.

NOTE: This thread is NOT for "OMG! Shikaro totally ninja'd my [Zulian Slicer]!". Please take issues like that up with an officer or Karin directly.

Epics vs. BoP vs. BoE and other issues

First, here are some definitions:

BoP - Bind on pickup (link to full definition)
BoE - Bind on equip (link to full definition)

Also, here's a paragraph you might want to use as a macro so that you can quickly, easily and consistently announce what the looting rules are in your group/raid.

Looting rules: PASS on all BoPs and epics. Roll NEED on green/blue BoEs if you can and will use it with your current char, otherwise roll GREED. Try to keep it to one blue per member please.

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions for your own private groups, but any guild-related run will use these rules unless otherwise noted.

To further expand on this policy:
1. All Epic (zomg! phat l00tz!) are PASSED on by EVERYONE.
- - - No exceptions.
- - - Doesn't matter if [Judgement Crown] drops and you're the only paladin, pass first.
2. BoP Items are PASSED by EVERYONE too.
- - - Yeah, there's a few places where there are crappy BoP greens, but still, pass on all just to be safe.
- - - Tradeskill / quest items (such as [Frayed Abomination Stitching]s, [Skin of Shadow], etc.) are to be GREEDed by those who have the immediate need (ie. a quest, or a pattern) followed by the general audience if nobody has such a need.
3. BoE Blues
- - - For Class related items, NEED if it's the class of the toon you're CURRENTLY playing and you do NOT have it.
- - - For Class related items, all may GREED if that class is not present.
- - - For all other BoE Blues (including cards and whatnot, GREED and resolve later if there are conflicts).
4. BoE Greens...oh just GREED the damn things.

In the cases of all BoE's, loosing rollers can offer to buy the item off the winner (or through the kindness of their heart the winner may give it away), but if the winner says no, move along.

Special cases: BoE Tradeskill Items

BoE tradeskill items, such as Lava Cores, Firey Cores and Core Leathers are to be sent to the bank. Regular tradeskill items, such as rugged leathers or herbs usually go to whomever picked it.

Pristine Hide of the Beast should be distributed to those in need or sent to the guild bank if nobody qualifies.

Misc Items

If you loot a mana potion and are not a Paladin, Mage, Warlock or Priest, be courteous to your guildmates and give it to someone who will get more out of it.


Chests are to be rolled on by those interested. The highest roller is entitled to the entire chest or they can pass it down the line to the next highest roll if they want.

Need vs. Greed

With all of the above kept in mind, how do you know what your NEED vs. GREED roll should be at the start? Maybe it's a BoP and everyone passed (as they should), or it's a BoE and you're staring at that timer slider shrinking in front of you. How do you roll?

Some things to consider:
1. Is it a SIGNIFICANT upgrade for you?
- - - Only 1-2 points of DPS doesn't really increase your damage output, but 5-10 might. Likewise, a 1% increase to your armor probably isn't going to do much for you, a 10% increase is gonna keep you alive that much longer.
2. Is it really meant for your class? (OMG! Hunter weapon!)
- - - Sometimes, there are mixed stats that SEEM applicable to a typical class for that item type, but then there are some extra goodies tossed in.
- - - Does it really make sense for a rogue to roll NEED on that dagger with 15pts + healing/spell damage just because it also has +10 stamina?
3. (I know there are gonna be more...reserving for further examples)


Epic items are items with purple names. If / when you ever find one, it'll be the highlight of your WoW day :) Congratulations! Remember that they're just artificial items in an artificial world and that there's a lot of things you can do when your group finds one:
* Need-before-greed roll
* Free-for-all roll
* Get one person to sell it and then split the money
* Donate it to the guild (which would in turn be given to a very deserving member or sold)
* Let someone have it in exchange for a favor (next purple is yours, or if they find some of your set pieces for example)
* Disenchant it, getting you 8-50g in multiple shards


Talk things over before, during, and after each run to make sure loot issues are settled. Don't kill each other over ones and zeroes. Remember: It's just a game.
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