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What are the guild guidelines?
We try to be laid back and generally easy-going, but since we have all sorts of people in our guild we do have some guild guidelines to keep things running smoothly.
Last updated May 9, 2008 @ 6:47:16AM
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These policies are applicable to any publicly viewable forum we may be participating in (including guild chat, /say, /yell, general, trade, our TeamSpeak server, our scrawling board, the SGA boards, and on Blizzard's Official World of Warcraft forums).

  1. Treat guildies and non-guildies with respect.

    • If you're not sure if what you might say or do is offensive, put yourself in the shoes of others and ask yourself if you'd like to be on the receiving end. At all costs, keep things positive and productive throughout the guild.

    • This also implies that you should be respectful of the play-styles of others. WoW offers opportunities for many styles of play ranging from raiding, to PvP, or to just casually questing. Many players even enjoy the lore of quests and don't like "spoilers" of the outcome. Please be considerate of guildmates playtime so that everyone gets what they want out of their $15.

  2. Language.

    • All communication in public channels should be civil, respectful, clean and non-disruptive.

    • We follow the language guidelines outlined in Blizzard's Harassment Policy, in addition to the following:

      • Typing in ALL-CAPS can be disruptive

      • Derogatory/disrespectful comments directed at guildies or others is inappropriate

      • Excessing linking of items could be considered disruptive and/or spamming

  3. Blizzard's Terms of Use

    • All guild members are bound by Blizzard's policies, which we've adopted and extended to the guild:
      • In-game policies

        • A special note on Character Naming Policies: In addition to Blizzard's rules, Sleeper Cartel also reserves the right to deny names that

          • Contain special characters (ex: , ẻ, ī, ὀ, ů).
            This is a technical issue as our roster updater misinterprets the characters which necessitates a manual search and replace in the download file.

          • Would portray our guild in a bad light (Stupidhead, Likeschix, Ipwnyou)
            We like to think of ourselves as a mature guild and don't want to have someone carry our guild tag that has a name that makes us look bad.

      • Terms of Use

      • End User License Agreement

      • Forum Code of Conduct

Grandfather Clause

Times change, and the guild guidelines may be modified accordingly. For example:

There's a guildie named "Rὀckyὀursὀx". They've been here for years, but now the naming policy above comes in.

Another guildie wants to get an alt guilded, but Leadership rejects the name. That member then starts to wonder, "Hey, how come he gets to have Rὀckyὀursὀx, but I couldn't use 'Iamaloser'?"

The solution to this isn't easy. Most likely, Leadership may ask Rὀckyὀursὀx to get a (paid) character name change. Will they get booted for NOT changing it? Probably not. However, hopefully the change would be considered at least.

Please realize that all situations are different, and this is only one example. When things like this arise, all that is being done is an attempt to ensure that no guildie looks like they're either being singled out, nor that anyone is getting "special treatment."

Should something like this occur, Guild Leadership appreciates everyone's consideration of the issue at hand.
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