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What guild services and programs are there?
Here is just a summary of the many events and programs we offer to our members as self-sustaining benefits for everyone to enjoy. If you have ideas for a new guild service please let us know!
Last updated April 23, 2008 @ 5:06:50AM
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One of the many benefits of being in Sleeper Cartel is the support we have for our members through our various guild services. Here is a sampling of what's out there:

Guild mount program
You and your alts are welcome to 15g from the guild bank to help purchase your level 30 mounts (or your skills if your character won't be buying a mount). Send an in-game mail to Affligem to request your 15g before or after you hit level 30.

Previously we had two bank characters which routinely immediately redistributed items to an appropriate guildie, or if none are found, auctioned off, vendored or stored for later. That process will still occur, but the with the advent of Patch 2.3, the guild bank will accept all donations.

In general, you do not need to ask for anything from the banks, since they automatically mail donations to members almost as soon as they receive them based on level, class, tradeskills, and how recently you've logged. If we can't find a use for an item, it will be placed in a public area in the bank vault and you are free to ask for anything that's available there. You can also contact our Guild Bank Administrator, Affligem, for loans, etc.

Our guild lockpicking character, Sclockpick, will gladly accept your locked lockbox, mail it to a rogue and then send it back to you unopened after it has been unlocked. It may take longer than it would to find someone in a capital city to open it for you, but you will be helping our guild rogues level up, it's free, and you get it back unopened! The more you send the more you help out the guild too.

If you're a rogue and you'd like to volunteer for the lockpicking service, please send an in-game mail to Sclockpick saying that you would be interested and what your current lockpicking skill level is at so that she can send you the right type of boxes to unlock.

We want to make sure guildies get the most out of the time they spend online, and part of that means not running back to town all the time! If you can use a few larger bags, send an in-game mail to Scbags with a list of the bags you have at the moment. Any suitable bags you get can be exchanged for your current ones which can then be sent back to Scbags for other people to use.

If you can tailor bags and have some spare materials, please consider donating a few extras, as they go toward a good cause.

Alt characters
Once you get your alt(s) into the guild, everyone should have a tabard, right? All you need to do is send an in-game mail to Sleeperalt and a cleaned and pressed tabard will be delivered to you in a few days.

Hacked characters
Players can take all the precautions in the world, and yet still fall victim to keylogger schemes which may be able to find out their World of Warcraft password. We have a list of things people can do to protect themselves, but should the unthinkable happen, the guild banks will automatically mail the hacked character gold to help them get back on their feet. All this gold is donated by our members for general guild use, and what better use is there to help make sure people don't get discouraged when things don't go their way? You'll likely find lots of guildies will jump at the chance to help you get re-geared and reestablished.

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