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Lurker Below
A guide to surviving the add phase of Lurker in SSC.
Last updated March 16, 2008 @ 11:03:54AM
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Guide to Killing Lurker

I'm not going into a ton of detail here, as Lurker's abilities are explained in full all over the web. This guide was written to get you through the add phase.

Raid Positioning

These shots were taken after the adds were down while waiting for Lurker to come back. They show general raid positioning. Note the raid symbols on the three tanks (skull, X, square).
View from platform 2, facing right. Note the two sheeps on platform 3.
View from platform 2, facing left. You can see the two hunters on platform 1.

The main tank stands at the front of the platform where there is a little opening. He can be in/out of the water. It doesn't really matter so long as he is in melee range of Lurker. Melee is in the water behind Lurker. The rest of the raid, aside from the six on add duty, will be spread out on the central platform. No one should be standing up front with the tank, but you can basically cover the whole platform. If you are squishy you probably don't want to be standing right next to a Guardian spawn point.

Six ranged raid members will need to be on Ambusher duty (two per outer platform). We use two hunters (trap), two locks (fear), and two mages (sheep), though this is entirely up to you and will depend on your raid make up. Some raids prefer two hunters and four mages. People on Ambusher duty remain on the platforms the entire fight (except during Spout, obviously).

Ranged dps- he has no aggro table, so go nuts.


Dying to Spout is inexcusable. Unless your computer hung up at just the wrong moment there is no reason to die to this. If your normal position is on a platform (any), try to stand on the edge so you can just drop off the edge with a single step when Spout comes. It is helpful to have someone calling out the Spouts for the people who don't watch their timers. "Spout- get in the water!" Everyone jumps into the water and stays there until the Spout has passed their position (it randomly moves clockwise or counterclockwise). You can still heal/dps while in the water. You do not need to submerge. Once Spout has passed you, get back on the platform to dps/heal.


If you're on the central platform you may find yourself getting knocked back slightly and taking damage. This is from Geyser. It is not the same thing as Spout. People on the outer three platforms are out of range of this ability.

Phase Two

Lurker dives. Nine adds spawn- six Ambushers and three Guardians. If you are on Ambusher duty, turn around and face away from the raid. You'll see them coming. Adds do not become interactable until they are in their final position on the platforms. They usually stop moving and pause, then start attacking (this is when you can finally touch them). Ambushers stop at the front of the platform. If you're on Ambusher duty, target your CC and move to the back of your platform. Locks/mages spam fear/sheep until it becomes interactable and you get your cast off. Hunters will need to place traps where the Ambushers end up (front of the platform). Once your Ambusher is CCed, dps the Guardian that is in range of you. Once the Guardians are dead, assist the melee with killing Ambushers (if they are within reach). Refresh CC as needed.

Mages- keep your targets sheeped the entire fight. The focus macro is really helpful. Don't forget to resheep even during Spout.

Guardians- Do NOT, for the love of god, sheep the Guardians. They hit for 10K on cloth. They will get loose. They will butcher your mages and healers. They will aggro on something across the platform from them, submerging (becoming untargetable) and popping back up on the other side to one shot a healer. Instead, have three tanks in position to pick them up. We throw a mark on our tanks to make them move visible to ranged. Ranged burns down the Guardians.

Melee- While ranged is killing Guardians, your melee group is hopping from platform to platform killing Ambushers. They start with the hunter targets (platform one) and then move to the warlock targets (platform two).

Do NOT kill the sheeps. They can stay sheeped the entire fight. No new Ambushers will replace the sheeped targets. Sheeps will be killed once Lurker is dead (they do not despawn). This is why some raids prefer more mages on the outer platforms. That's more sheeps and less adds to kill.

Alternate Strategy: Two hunters and four mages on adds. The hunters kill their own Ambushers, the mages sheep, and the rest of the raid (melee included) burns the Guardians.
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