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Jump Charter (Updated 1/20/2011)
Description of the raid group Jump.
Last updated February 13, 2008 @ 7:43:46AM
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Definition and Purpose
Jump is a 10-man, progression-oriented raid group with a non-rotating, closed roster. It is designed as such so that its members can experience the benefits of consistency and frequency. The group exists to raid in World of Warcraft as well as get its members well geared and also to experience the enjoyment and camaraderie that raiding can provide.

Jump’s members are mature and dedicated people who know how to temper business with fun. We are a focused group and know how to get down to business when the time comes. However, we also like to have fun so our runs are typically light hearted while still productive and progressive.

We treat each other with respect, are supportive of one another, and enjoy each other’s company. We also make it a point to extend these attributes to our guests.

Effective with the launch of the Cataclysm expansion, Jump became an official Sleeper Cartel raid as it relates to the number of guild members in a raid (8/10 to qualify as a guild raid). Otherwise, Jump is an autonomous raid group and does not fall under the jurisdiction of any of its member’s guilds. Jump’s leadership makes decisions for the group with input from raid members. The group has written policies and procedures that new members agree to before becoming a member. It is these policies and procedures that govern the group.

Jump’s leadership consists of a raid leader, an assistant raid leader, and a raid assist.

Raid Leader - This spot is currently held by Yeshe and includes these responsibilities:
• Setting/amending policy and procedure with approval from the group.
• Researching, determining, and explaining strategies for boss encounters along with the Assistant RL and Raid Assist.
• Acting as Master Looter (see below).
• Presenting the group with important decisions.
• Updates the weekly and monthly raid schedule.
• Maintaining the Google Group website along with the assistant leader.
• Running Recount and combat logs during the raid and uploading the files to the WoL site.
• Spokesman for the group.

Assistant Raid Leader - This spot is currently held by Tyrias and includes these responsibilities:
• Directing the group during fights.
• Researching, determining, and explaining strategies for boss encounters along with the Raid Leader and Raid Assist.
• Leading the group if the RL is absent.
• Maintaining the Google Group site along with the RL.
• Monitoring the raid’s performance and making suggestions for improvement.

Loot Master - This spot is currently held by Yeshe and includes these responsibilities:
• Functioning as master looter during the runs.
• Tracking all loot acquisitions/dispositions.
• Selling any BoE loot for the raid and distributing the cash.

Raid Assist - This spot is currently held by Rudo and includes these responsibilities:
• Researching and implementing raid strategies for Jump.
• Works on refining the strategies with the raid leaders during the runs and helps direct the fights.

Current Roster (including Reservists)

Tanks: Littlebaby, Rudo, Vladz, Avallach
Heals: Kynthis, Herra, Neinna, Feondelia
Melee DPS: Tyrias, Torry, Vladz, Avallach, Paladir, Corsina
Ranged DPS: Hallex, Defektor, Cracktastic, Ezuki, Ashakali, Rhodan, Herra, Neinna, Sweetiest

Although Jump has a non-rotating closed roster, not everyone can make it all of the time. This leaves open spots that need to be filled so we therefore look for guests to come and run with us as needed.

Due to the nature of our group and our level of progression, we are particular about who we accept to run with us. The needed requirements will vary depending upon the position that we need to fill and those requirements will be made known when an opening becomes available. We will look for these replacements first from within our list of Reservists, then from within our guilds and among our friends.

We are delighted to make it known that any guest that does run with us has equal opportunity to roll for loot along with the regulars and there are no restrictions to this effect as long as the guest follows the group’s established looting guidelines. This is our way of saying thank you to our guests for coming along and enabling us to be able to run.

Loot Distribution
Jump has a liberal loot distribution process that is largely based upon traditional need/greed rules. Also, our written loot policy governs the process nicely so there is almost no intervention necessary from the raid leader though the raid leader does have ultimate say in a conflicting situation. The ability now to be able to trade boss loot for a short time has all but eliminated the need for intervention.

In short, we follow this basic sequence when BoP items drop:
• Master Looter gives everyone a few moments to consider the item.
• Need rolls are offered first based upon the item being an upgrade for a member in their primary role in the group.
• Greed rolls are offered if there are no Needs rolls, based upon the item being useful to a member in a secondary role.
• The item is disenchanted if no one can use it in any way.

Once a member receives an epic level item during that raid week, others who have not yet received epic loot have a higher priority on need/greed rolls. Items then that are not needed or wanted by others who have not yet received an epic are available to the high roller or the one who has received the least. Shards are distributed at the end of the raid to the high rollers who received no loot for that raid session.

Schedule and Punctuality
Jump has a set schedule that rarely if ever changes. We run from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Wednesday nights and 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM on Friday nights. All server times.

All members, both regulars and guests, are expected to be at the instance and ready to go with reagents, flasks and any other necessary consumables. In fairness to the rest of the group the raid leader will remind any members of this policy who are consistently tardy.

In case you are curious about where our name came from, it is the result of our former druid’s curious habit of jumping on our corpses when we die. As you can imagine, she would get dog piled by the rest of the group when she went down. :D
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