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A Rogue's Guide to Raid Bosses (TBC)
A compilation of general tips and tricks for various boss fights.
Last updated January 16, 2008 @ 2:13:07PM
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The first time I went into Serpentshrine Cavern, I was lucky enough to have a very good rogue friend of mine along. I was a guest on the roster that night and it was my first time in the instance. In contrast, he and the group had done the first few bosses many times.

I had read through some guides on the bosses, but as we approached Hydross the Unstable, I figured I'd ask my buddy if there was anything special to be aware of for this fight. "He spawns adds in both forms, but can root you while in Water form. So only use your Blade Flurry when he's in Poison form to make sure you get the most out of it."

This is exactly the type of rogue-specific information which most boss guides exclude. There can't be a detailed breakdown of every class in a guide. But it's the little things which can matter most over the course of a raid night. Specific hints like how to get the most out of every cooldown can have a big impact on your damage output.

So in the spirit of my buddy who helped me out that night, I've compiled short notes on each boss fight that I'm familiar with. These are just little reminders to myself, or pointers to a rogue seeing the fight for the first time.

Nothing below is very much different from what you'd figure out yourself over time. These are simply things I'd mention if we were in a raid together and you asked what to expect on the coming boss fight. Hopefully they will help you do your job a bit better and stay on your feet a bit longer.

The discussion of the specific attacks and phases of each fight presume that you're generally familiar with how each encounter is structured. These comments are just those little items which are special to melee dps, and sometime to the rogue class itself.

As these notes are based on my personal experience, some bosses are missing because I haven't faced them enough/ever so I'm not in a position to give advice.

Raid Zones


Attumen & Midnight

  • Use your 2-min cooldowns (Blade Flurry, Trinkets, [Haste Potion]) early so you can use them again later in the fight.
  • Make sure that you do not have the Intangible Presence debuff (-50% to hit) when you use your cooldowns. If you get it at any time and it's not dispelled quickly, use CLoS to remove it.
  • When Attumen mounts up there is a threat wipe. Be sure to stop dps and let your tank establish aggro again before starting in on him.


  • Cheap Shot, Kick, Kidney Shot, Gouge and Blind all work on the adds.
  • When dpsing caster adds, your priority should be interrupting their casting, esp. the heals. The casts are slow enough that you do not need Mind Numbing poison for this.
  • Stuns are particularly helpful if an add isn't being tanked and to prevent Lord Robin Daris' AoE melee attack.
  • If you do not have the Garrote, bandage yourself when Moroes vanishes if needed.

Maiden of Virtue

  • Maximize your distance from other melee to limit the damage from Holy Wrath.
  • Using CLoS and getting Dampen Magic from a Mage will help mitigate the AoE damage you'll be taking.
  • Back out of the AoE to bandage if needed.

Opera Event

Big Bad Wolf
  • You can Vanish if you get the Little Red Riding Hood debuff. However, you must stay stealthed until the debuff goes away, so no eating, bandaging etc. Just vanish and stand out of the way.

Romulo & Julianne
  • When you are on Julianne, all priority goes towards interrupting Eternal Affection, which is a major heal.
  • She casts 2 other spells along the way. Typically you'll be assigned 1 of these 3 to interrupt. Don't waste your Kick on anything other than your specific spell.
  • She is immune to Mind Numbing poison so stick with dps poisons.

  • Dorothee has no aggro table and her casts cannot be interrupted so just unload on her.
  • You can CLoS to avoid the Crone's Chain Lightning.


  • He is immune to poisons so switch to [Adamantite Sharpening Stone] for this fight.
  • Just do normal dps on the flares, saving all cooldowns for the evocation phase.
  • Use CLoS whenever it's available to avoid the flares' Arcing Sear.

Terestian Illhoof

  • Make sure to position yourself so that you can dps Illhoof and also switch to the Demon Chains without moving. Talk this over with the tank if need be.
  • Watch Illhoof's casting bar to tell when a Sacrifice is happening. Don't wait for a call on TS or to see the victim appear.
  • Make and use the following macro to target the Demon Chains when someone is sacrificed
    /tar demon
  • Save your cooldowns for after Kil'rek is down and the dps is on Illhoof, as he will be taking 25% more damage at this time.
  • With so many little demons running around, this is a fight where Blade Flurry shines.

Shade of Aran

  • Here we have a boss with low armor and no concerns about threat....melee dps rejoice.
  • He's constantly turning around to attack different raid members so don't drive yourself crazy trying to stay behind him. Do the best you can.
  • CLoS and Improved Sprint (and Vanish?) break the snare put on prior to the Arcane Explosion.
  • Make every effort to get in melee range prior to a Flame Wreath going off. Ranged attacking for a whole round is agonizing.
  • In addition to what your RL assigns you to interrupt, be mindful of his target when he's casting. If you're assigned to interrupt Frost Bolts, but see him channeling Arcane Missles at a low-health the right thing.
  • During the Elementals phase, be aware that you're out in the open for his Blizzards now. Staying out of that and keeping yourself alive is the most important thing. CLoS will help avoid the Blizzard if you get caught.
  • If there is a Flame Wreath during Elementals, get yourself back on Aran.
  • Burn you cooldowns immediately since threat is not a concern. Ideally you'll get to use most of them at least once more.


  • Rogues make excellent Green Beam tanks. Your attacks will cost no energy so you can continually spam attacks the entire time the beam is up.
  • His threat/aggro is normal during the banish phase. If you are staying in to continue dpsing him, take it very slow and steady. If you grab aggro he will kill you.
  • Continually move behind him as he rotates around to do is Netherbreaths around the raid.
  • CLoS will help you resist the Netherbreath if you can't get out of the way.


  • You generally want to stand on one side of him, between the front and rear legs.
  • Avoid the frontal cleave at all costs as it will kill you.
  • The Tail Swipe damage hits for about 400 plus a 2k DoT which can be removed by CLoS.
  • For the most part both the Tail Swipe and the cleave can be avoided with careful positioning, but always cheat towards the tail. The Tail Swipe can be healed through/cleansed while the Cleave will one-shot you.
  • Save Blade Flurry for when the Restless Skeletons are spawned. Be ready with Evasion at this point also.
  • Rain of Bones is a physical attack so CLoS is of no help.
  • CLoS will not help resist the Bellowing Roar fear. I don't think I've ever resisted it in fact.
  • When he is coming back down from a flight phase, stand well back with the ranged groups until the tank has him parked again.

Prince Malchezaar

  • Always be looking around for safe places to run to if you get Enfeebled. At first you can just run back to the group but this may not be the case later in the fight.
  • Keep your back to a safe area so that a Shadow Nova knockback won't send you into an Infernal's AoE range.
  • Save your cooldowns for Phase 2, to help make it as short as possible. Vanish if you need to drop threat.
  • Evasion will greatly reduce your damage taken if you are targeted by the Axes in Phase 3.
  • If you are staying in range during a Shadow Nova, use CLoS to resist it. If this is on cooldown, position yourself against a wall to limit the knockback effect.
  • CLoS will remove Shadow Word: Pain.
  • CLoS will help resist damage from the Infernal's hellfire AoE.
  • It is possible that an Infernal will land between you and Prince when you are running out to avoid the Shadow Nova. Understand that there may be no safe route to get back in melee range. Keep yourself safe, try to stay in range of your healers and simply attack from range until a safe route becomes available.


Nalorakk Bear Avatar

  • A great fight to benchmark your dps with. You get to stand in one spot the whole time and just spam your attack cycles.
  • This fight is clearly a tank/healer check for the group. Make the encounter as short as you can by maximizing your dps output.

Akil'zon Eagle Avatar

  • Use CLoS to help mitigate the Static Disruption AoE
  • Save Blade Flurry for when there are birds divebombing the group.

Halazzi Lynx Avatar

  • He does ~4.5k AoE damage when he splits forms. So when his health is 1-2% above a splitting point (75%, 50%, 25%) use CLoS to help you resist this. It'll be a nice help to your healers who will be busy enough.
  • In his Split phase, watch his casting bar to tell when a Corrupted Lightning Totem is being laid down. Don't wait for a call on TS or to see the totem appear.
  • Make and use the following macro to target the totems when they are being cast
    /tar Corr
    When done properly, you should be targeting the totem before you can even see it on the floor.
  • When he's in split form, you'll be switching targets between the boss and the totems a lot. Do your best not to waste too many combo points by leaving them on the boss. Always try to slap a rupture up before you switch over to the totem. Use CPs from the totem to help keep SnD up.
  • This fight is extremely difficult on your healers so do your best to keep your own health topped up.

Gruul's Lair

High King Maulgar

  • You will be interrupting heals from the Priest add as well as dpsing him. Make sure one rogue is using Mind-numbing poison to help with this. Save your cooldowns for when he casts his shield and starts channeling his big heal.
  • Cheap Shot does work to stun him so stopping the heals should be pretty straight forward.
  • Kiggler (the Shaman) and Krosh (the Mage) have AoE attacks for those in melee range so be careful if you're asked to dps them.
  • Maulgar himself has a Whirlwind which can be avoided by running out in time. Simply watch your raid times and get your dps in when you can.

Gruul the Dragonkiller

  • Do not get yourself above 3rd in threat. Keep the two tanks above you at all times.
  • After the Ground Slam, your CloS will remove the slowing debuff so that you can more around more easily.
  • Make sure you enable and watch the proximity warning on your boss mods to help limit the Shatter damage.
  • If you're caught in a Cave In, you will see the falling debris graphics as well as a ticking debuff in addition to the fact that your health is going down. I watch the debuff icon to tell if I'm out of harms way or not.
  • I typically stand at the outside of one of Gruul's ankles. If a Cave In is hitting me, I'll swing over to the outside of the other ankle. This is typically far enough so that the Cave In damage is avoided.
  • If I'm still getting hit, the choices are to (a) attack from the front or (b) back out of melee. Earlier in the fight, attacking from the front is probably preferable. But after say, 6 Grows or so, the parries of your attacks will be too dangerous for the tank and you should just back out of the Cave In and stop dps.

Magtheridon's Lair

  • If you're responsible for one of the channelers: Feel free to interrupt his normal casting for the first 40% of his health. At that point, just sit and wait to only interrupt the heals. The specific spell is called Dark Mending. Nothing worse than having Kick on cooldown because you had just interrupted a different spell.
  • Mind-numbing Poison sticks so use it if you're having issues with the heals. You can also have a warlock put up curse of tongues instead.
  • There is no tail sweep from the boss. Stand as far back and straight behind as you can to help avoid being bounced into his cleave during the quakes.
  • You can actually run/jump a little bit each time you land on the ground during the quake. Try to move sideways away from his head if you can.
  • It seems like you always get bounced toward the cleave no matter what, which can be very frustrating. At least blow Evasion the first time you're in danger. Surviving other times is just dumb luck. As long as you're trying to move sideways as you're bouncing there's not much else you can do.
  • You will be doing 300% of your normal damage when Maggy is banished. Be mindful of your threat during this phase, particularly if you're getting Heroism and/or blowing cooldowns.

Serpentshrine Cavern

Hydross the Unstable

  • He is immune to poisons so use your [Adamantite Sharpening Stone] instead.
  • Stay spread out from other melee when he's in Pure form to limit the impact of the Water Tomb.
  • Beause of the Water Tomb during the Pure phase, save Blade Flurry and other cooldowns to help with the adds during the Poison form.
  • CLoS will remove the debuff you get when he's in Poison form.
  • He does a complete threat wipe each time he changes forms. Be sure to give your tanks a moment to get him locked down after each transfer.

The Lurker Below

  • He only attacks those in melee range so if your tank isn't in range for any reason he'll be looking to gib the melee types. This is mostly an issue when you're learning the fight, esp. when Lurker reemerges. Watch your target-of-target closely and back away if you're unsure.
  • Mastering getting in and out of the water to avoid his Spouting will be your main learning curve here.
  • To avoid the Spout you actually need to be underwater, not just in the water. You should be able to see your Breath bar.
  • When you dive in to avoid the Spout, you may very well be out of range or LoS of your healers. Do your best to get back out as soon as it is safe...but not sooner :-)
  • Stand as close to the edge of your platform as possible so the knockback doesn't send you into the water.
  • Your DoT's are lost on him when he submerges, so avoid dropping a Rupture on him when he's about to dive. Either Evisc to get the damage into him or refresh SnD to take into the adds.

Leotheras the Blind

  • Keep yourself safe from the Whirlwind at all costs. Be conservative about this when you're learning the fight. He moves around faster than you can run so keep your distance.
  • Your dps windows are very limited, espcially when he's in his normal form. This fight is all about maximizing your time on target without pulling aggro.
  • Save your cooldowns for when he's in shadow form since that's the longest window on time you'll have without having to run out.
  • Save your Blade Flurry for his shadow form. If you get a personal demon to kill, try to position it so your BF can dps the boss while you're killing your demon.

Fathom-Lord Karathress

  • If you are assigned to interrupt the priest's heals, Mind Numbing poison is a must.
  • If you are not interrupting the healer, make and use a target macro for the Spitfire totem.
    /tar spit
  • Watch out for the tornado as you're moving around the room.

Morogrim Tidewalker

  • Nothing very special here, for us it's pretty much a static tank and spank.
  • Do not use Blade Flurry when the murlocs are running through to the group. You don't want any up with you.
  • Make sure to wait for a Watery Grave to go off prior to using a cooldown. You want to avoid activating the CD and getting Graved while it is up.
  • After you are Graved, make sure you're above 5k health before running back into the fray.

Lady Vashj

  • As Vashj approaches 70% health, leave some combo points on her so that you can start a SnD right as the first naga is ready to get dpsed.
  • There is about 20 seconds of down time when Phase 2 starts prior to any naga spawning. Pratice standing on Vashj's tail behind her so you void the lightning attacks. She'll be pivoting around to target different people. Once she starts to cast, move a bit to slip behind her.
  • Watch the target of target and if she's casting at you, stay in front of her so everyone else can step behind her.
  • During Phase 2, the melee dps should work out a rotation for your cooldowns so that each naga is brought down relatively quickly.
  • If there's a single tank for all the Naga, you should look for chances to use Blade Flurry if you have Naga spawns overlapping.
  • Cloak of Shadows, Improved Sprint and Vanish will all break out of the root effect. The PvP trinket works too but is too much of a dps loss to merit using in this fight.
  • In Phases 1 and 3, save your Cloak of Shadows for when you have the Static Charge debuff. This may mean that you'll just have to accept the fact that you'll be rooted. The exception is for Phase 3 if you're rooted in an AoE area and have no other way to escape, get yourself safe asap.
  • If you get hit with the Posion Bolt from a Tainted Elemental, you can remove it with CloS.
  • The naga in Phase 2 have a very painful cleave. Stay away as they're pathing up top and make sure your tank has them firmly parked prior to dps.

The Eye

Void Reaver

  • Most groups heal through the pounding making this a very static tank and spank for rogues.
  • If you are asked to run out, just watch your raid timers which are pretty accurate for this fight. Also be aware that you could now be targeted by an Orb.
  • Your main concern is keeping your dps below that of your 2 tanks. A well timed Vanish will typically be enough to ensure that you won't pull aggro.
  • Cloak of Shadows will help limit the damage from the pounding. If it's well timed you can avoid all of the damage over a single round which is a nice help for your healers.
  • He's immune to poisons so use sharpening stones instead.

High Astromancer Solarian

  • Cloak of Shadows will remove the Wrath of the Astromancer debuff so you can stay in to continue dps. This is important so don't use your CloS to avoid her arcane missles unless you think you will die.
  • When the adds spawn you will be interrupting heals on one of them. Our full range of stuns and interrupts work here. One kick and a longish Kidney Shot is typically all it takes before the mob dies.


  • There are a few opportunities to get dps onto Al'ar in Phase 1, namely right at the pull and also after he quills. Since there are no new Embers you can run up the ramp and dps the boss. Simply step off the platform and drop down when the boss moves on and a new Ember is spawned.
  • Be attentive about your dps on the Ember of Al'ar adds. Back away before they die. And if you're saving them for Phase 2 it's always better to leave up a little more health than a little less.
  • Stay the heck off the ramps during Flame Quill.
  • After he Quills (Phase 1) or after coming up after a Meteor (Phase 2) there may be a few moments before a tank can get in range and Al'ar will cast Flame Buffet on the raid. CloS will both remove the debuff and also resist the subsequent hits. As your tanks get sharper on the transitions this should become less of an issue.
  • Also avoid bandaging during these transition times since you may be interrupted by a Flame Buffet.
  • When Al'ar Meteors you want to spread out from your raid mates. Turn your camera up to the ceiling so you can watch where he's going to land. Ideally you'll have dps back on Al'ar as soon as he is picked up by a tank. But you don't want to get hit by the Meteor or the AoE burst right after when Al'ar reappears. So get back in position as quickly as possible and as close as is safe, but not too close!
  • CloS will help avoid damage from the Flame Patches.
  • When Al'ar goes into Meteor form your combo points get wiped, so try to spend them before he flies away.
  • Phase 2 has a lot of running around and general chaos. Stay out of the Flame Patches, avoid the Meteor damage, avoid the Ember kill area(s) and push yourself to maximize your dps time on the boss.

Kael'thas Sunstrider

Phase 1 - Individual Advisors

  • This phase is not a dps race! Keep it simple an clean.
  • If you are Gazed by Thaladred be aware of his health and help ensure he will die in the proper area. Sprint if you're too close to him at the beginning. Vanishing is generally frowned upon since his next gaze will be sooner than expected and may not be announced by your boss mods.
  • If you are asked to dps Thaladred in Phase 3, this is a good time to practice getting your dps in on him safely, while backing out before he changes his Gaze target.
  • Stand at max range behind Telonicus. You should be able to dps fine and not get hit by the bombs at all.
  • Do not use any cooldowns during this phase.

Phase 2 - Weapons
As you can see, I have many weapons in my arsenal.
  • Get your dps onto the proper weapon as soon as you can without pulling aggro from the tank.
  • If you are AoEing the weapons, wait on Heroism (if you're getting one) and then pop Blade Flurry and the rest of what you've got.
  • I will typically dps through until only the Shield is left up. The shield hits back rather quickly and hard, which means you can get yourself killed if you're not paying attention. I will only dps the shield if we're running a bit behind schedule. If we're rolling along, there's no need to put yourself at risk.
  • At this point I will start looting weapons. The looting can be difficult so expect that it may take a few attempts before you can do it smoothly.
  • Sword rogues should pick up both the [Warp slicer] and [Infinity blade]. Dagger rogues only need the dagger. Make sure you have some bag space free to grab what you need.
  • Mace or Fist specced rogues check with your raid leader about the best plan of attack. If you're asked to use either of the legendary weapons, at least make sure your skill in that weapon type is maxed out.
  • It's common that all the weapons will die in a pile, and a macro can be useful for targeting the weapon and equiping it, but recall that a macro can't loot for you. Something like
    /tar Warp Slicer
    /Equip Warp Slicer
    will work fine but you'll need to press it once, look for the weapon on the ground (which should be highlighted since you're targeting it), mouse over to get the bag icon, loot the weapon and then click the macro again.
  • You can also just loot all the weapons you can reach if you've got the bag space for them. That way you're sure to grab what you need and you can just open your bags and equip what you want.
  • Equip the sword in your main hand. Note the speed, stats and specials on the dagger. Unless you're Combat Dagger or Mutilate, from a pure dps point of view, your normal offhand weapon is likely superior. A combat sword rogue equipping the dagger in their OH stands to lose ~80dps. You should only equip the dagger in your offhand if you're needed to apply the 5% magic debuff to the boss and/or for dispelling the mind controlled people during Phase 3. So work this out with the other melee types. If you don't need the dagger, don't equip it.
  • Do make sure to pick it up however, since you may be called to help with the MC's down the line.

Phase 3 - Advisors redux
Perhaps I underestimated you. It would be unfair to make you fight all four Advisors at once, but...fair treatment was never shown to my people. I'm just returning the favor.
  • You will be dpsing Sanguinar or possibly Thaladred to start off.
  • Sanguinar is a standard tank and spank. Use any 2-min cooldowns which may be available again.
  • Know where the 3 tanked Advisors are positioned so that you can safely kite Thaladred if you get gazed. Stay away from the other Advisors as much as possible. Keep in mind there is a fair amount of room up behind Kael.
  • If you are asked to dps Thaladred, be sure that someone is putting the 5% magic debuff from the dagger onto him and also get yourself out of range prior to him switching targets.
  • Stay aware of where you are in the room. If someone kites him too close to Capernian or Telonicus, stop following and keep yourself safe.
  • You may also be asked to dps Telonicus. There is no difference from Phase 1. Stay clear of the bombs, be ready to kite/avoid Thaladred as needed.

Phase 4 - Kael'Thas
Alas, sometimes one must take matters into one's own hands. Balamore shanal!
  • Make sure you've equipped the dagger in your offhand if you're in charge of dispelling the Mind Controls. Use a macro like this
    /cast Shiv
    to ensure you don't hurt the person too much.
  • Make sure someone is getting the dagger debuff onto the boss also.
  • Rogues should rotate their cooldowns for each successive Shock Barrier -> Pyroblast sequence so that each Barrier can be brought down quickly.
  • Interrupt the Fireball casts as often as possible.
  • Watch closely for the Flamestrike AoE and stay the heck away from it.
  • Get dps onto the eggs as requested by the MA/Raid Leader.

Phase 5 - Kael'Thas v.2
I have not come this far to be stopped! The future I have planned will not be jeopardized! Now, you will taste true power!
  • When Kael starts Phase 5 and is ripping apart his room, you should be helping kill any remaining Phoenixes and their eggs.
  • During the Gravity Lapse, stay apart from your raid mates. Also stay away from Kael'thas and the ground. It's sometimes possible to ranged attack any Phoenixes while you're floating around.
  • Watch your raid timers for the end of the Gravity Lapse. Try to position yourself about as high as Kael's head so that you don't take too much damage from falling when you're released.
  • Continue to dps Kael and the Phoenix eggs as directed. Ensure the dagger debuff is being put up on Kael.
  • Threat doesn't reset after each Gravity Lapse, but your tank will have no rage at first. So make sure your tank has a decent handle on Kael before you head in on him.

Hyjal Summit

Rage Winterchill

  • Use your PvP trinket to remove the Icebolt stun. Cloak of Shadows also works here. If you get a 3rd Icebolt then pray for fast healing.
  • Even at full spell effect, the Death and Decay is tough to see. Watch your boss mods closely and run out when needed, preferably somewhere in range of your healers.
  • Aside from those 2 items just tank and spank here.


  • This boss is a demon so consider using [Elixir of Demonslaying] in place of your normal consumables.
  • One rogue should keep wound poison stacked on him to reduce the healing he receives from his Vampiric Aura buff. A Mortal Strike warrior is another option.
  • The main challenge here is avoiding the stun/damage from the summoned Infernals. You'll have a second or two to move before you're stunned, so stay aware of who has been targeted. If it's a melee person, get yourself away asap.
  • Aside from that, it's a simple fight for us and a good encounter to benchmark your dps with.


  • This boss is a demon so consider using [Elixir of Demonslaying] in place of your normal consumables.
  • A pure dps race from our point of view. Kill him before he kills all your healers.
  • Save cooldowns for immediately after a War Stomp.
  • Save CloS to use in case you get the Cripple debuff during your cooldowns.
  • This fight lasts only ~3 minutes so as soon as he's fulled debuffed and you'll be clear of debuffs for a bit, unload those cooldowns.


  • This boss is a demon so consider using [Elixir of Demonslaying] in place of your normal consumables.
  • You may be asked to Distract him to delay his progress into the camp and give your raid a bit more time to drink/buff before entering combat. This can be tricky business without any improved stealth talents. There may also be npc's up there which he will engage so you may also get caught in that. Bottom line is to be careful! And if you end up in combat, don't pull him back to the raid. Try to CloS/Sprint/Vanish but if you're going to die, do it away from the group.
  • The boss has a serious cleave attack. If you are ever headed in to dps him make sure the tank has him parked and stay well clear of the front of him. This is especially important at the start of the fight when your tank may take longer than normal to position the boss so that Thrall is engaged but won't get cleaved.
  • If you are asked to dps the boss you'll need a fair bit (~200) of Fire Resist gear to survive the Rain of Fire and subsequent DoT.
  • CloS will also help you resist the Rain of Fire and related damage.
  • If you are targeted with Doom, be sure to get to the Doomguard tanking area asap.
  • Many groups simply keep melee away from the boss altogether and just have them kill the Lesser Doomguards which spawn during the fight. Rogues should rotate their cooldown usage to ensure that each Doomguard is killed in a timely fashion.
  • The Doomguards have both a War Stomp stun and a Cripple debuff. Be sure to start your cooldowns after a War Stomp and use CloS to remove the Cripple debuff as needed.
  • Because of the stuns and debuffs, the Lesser Doomguard tanks have a very challenging job. Be mindful of your threat in relation to the tank's.


Black Temple

High Warlord Naj'entus

  • Consider stacking stamina when you're learning this fight since it's very tough on the healers. Something along the lines of 10k health buffed is a reasonable goal.
  • Spread out as much as possible from other melee to limit the damage taken from the AoE.
  • When Naj's shield is up you can't do damage, but you can still gain combo points. When your group is learning the fight, the shield may stay up for 5-10 seconds while the raid gets healed up. Consider using Shiv during this time so you can use a finisher right when the shield goes down.
  • CloS will help you resist the damage when the shield is broken. The shield timer is close to 1-min so you should work to be able to use Clos on every-other blast.
  • Keep your camera zoomed out so that you can see if someone around you gets impaled with a spine.
  • /use Naj'entus spine is a handy macro to use. If you put it on a bar, it'll stay dark if you don't have a spine in your inventory and will be illuminated if you do have one to use.


  • This fight involves a lot of running around. Your primary goal is to stay alive as opposed to dps. As you get used to the encounter you will find ways to increases your time on target and total dps.
  • During Phase 1 he will be attacking the MT and also the player in melee range with the second highest health at the moment. At the pull and each transition back into this phase, take care to not be the first or second person in melee range so that you avoid being one shot.
  • Avoid the blue flame trails which form on the ground and move out of them immediately if you get too close.
  • In Phase 2 your job is to stay far enough away that you'll have lead time on him to run away if needed. Always be moving so you can react instantly if a volcano spawns near you.
  • CloS does not help you resist the Fire damage from the volcanoes so be quick to get away.
  • As you are running around, try to stay within range of a healer so that you can get a hand if you get caught by a volcano.
  • If you are targeted in Phase 2 try to kite him away from people but not too far away from everyone. Sprint can be handy to ensure you stay out of range while you are targeted.
  • As Phase 2 comes to an end, run back up near the MT and closer to Supremus so you're ready to run in and dps as soon as it's safe.
  • Sprint is handy to get back into melee range if you find yourself far away when Phase 2 ends.

Shade of Akama

  • This fight is dead simply for melee. Your first job is to attack the channelers in order with the rest of the melee group.
  • If you want to get really fancy, have your dps warrior work one mob ahead and apply Sunder Armor so each mob is debuffed when the dps group arrives.
  • As you go around the circle killing the channelers be aware that a few additional ones may spawn which also need to be killed.
  • Once the channelers are down simply run over and attack Shade of Akama. The tank will have a healthy threat lead so just run over and unload. He'll be dead in no time.

Teron Gorefiend

  • An excellent fight to benchmark your dps on, provided you do not get hit with Shadow of Death.
  • Shadow of Death has a 1.5 second cast. If you are fast enough, it is possible to Vanish while he's casting this on you and it will not land. This is a boon to the raid since it skips a whole round of ghosts and your dps on the boss will not be lost.
  • If you do not get ghosted, just focus on perfect timing of your cooldowns and attack cycles.
  • If you are being targeted by constructs in the raid you can (a) use CloS to resist some of their shadow damage and (b) run away from the boss to kite the mobs away from the group.
  • Read a general guide to assist you with the mini-game for if you get Ghosted. My general advice would be to put each of the 3 abilities in a separate macro and put these on an action bar somewhere easy to reach. This removes any confusion about seeing/using the pet bar which is supposed to come up for you. Kill your ghosts first and then help with others if there is time. This part can be challenging so don't get too frustrated if it takes 2-3 attempts to master it.

Gurtogg Bloodboil

  • Phase 1 is not a dps race so play it safe and be sure to stay below the MT in threat.
  • He will target a player and spew Fel Acid Breath in a cone. If you are targeted, move through him to the MT so the cone doesn't hit the melee or raid behind you. If he targets a ranged player, step through or to the side so you avoid being hit.

Reliquary of Souls

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