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Eastvale Logging Camp Rules
The standing, year-to-year rules for the annual Sleeper Cartel Summer Gathering
Last updated December 18, 2007 @ 11:38:09AM
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Eastvale Logging Camp (A Sleeper Cartel Event)

In the works is a real-life gathering open to all Sleeper Cartel members. We hope to make this a yearly event, where the members of the Sleeper Cartel can get together in a family-friendly social environment and have a few activities where we can get to know one another. There are a few details that we have discussed in an effort to make this gathering as cost-effective and easy to attend as possible. Below, you will find a few of the ideas we have had, some things that are open for discussion, and perhaps a few surprises!


This will change from year to year, so please check the Events board for the current year's ELC dates.


The gathering is scheduled to take place in the Southern West Virginia town of Chapmanville at the home of Callistana and Xartan. They have a large amount of property that will be available for activities during the gathering, and they are convenient to airports (45 minutes), activities, restaurants and lodging.


Calli’s house is located about 45 minutes south of Charleston, WV, which is serviced by Yeager Airport. If you must fly in to attend the gathering, Yeager Airport is probably the best (but not cheapest) option. There are car rental agencies at Yeager Airport, and alternate transportation may be able to be arranged. You are also welcome to drive to Calli’s – there is ample parking available, and her home is located just off a major WV interstate and is easy to find.


There are a few options for lodging during the party. There are three hotels within a fifteen minute drive of Calli’s house, and (assuming you have a tent) you are always welcome to camp in Calli’s back yard (weather permitting). The hotels in the area are:
• Chief Logan Lodge (WV State Park lodge)
• Best Western (Chapmanville, WV)
• Holiday Inn Express (Logan, WV)

All of these hotels are in well-traveled areas, are under 1 year old (as of November 2006) and have reasonable rates. All three hotels have high-speed internet service, indoor pool, and are convenient to shops and restaurants.

Another option, for those of you that have campers and would like to stay in your personal camper, is the Chief Logan State Park campground. The rates are $23.00 per night for the campground, and you can find more information here.

If you choose not to stay in a hotel and would like to stay with Calli, you’re more than welcome to. However, be aware that Calli will not be supplying tents.


Callistana has generously offered to cook most of our meals for us during the gathering. You are not required to bring any food items. If you do wish to bring food items with you, please follow these guidelines for the health and safety of all:
• Leave anything that might be perishable at home, especially if youÂ’re traveling more than 6 hours with a cooler or if you have no access to a cooler.
• Prepared items (such as baked goods) are ok, but in the interest of preventing an allergic reaction from our members, please bring a copy of the recipe so that everyone knows what’s inside grandma’s famous cake.
• Items such as potato chips or sodas are perfectly ok – they don’t spoil. Make sure, though, that you bring enough for everyone, or be prepared to share (especially if it’s a local specialty)!

A tentative menu for the event is as follows:

This will change from year to year, so please check the Events board for the current year's ELC food plans.

Should anyone have any dietary requirements, allergies or other food preferences, please advise us as soon as possible so that the menu may be adjusted to accommodate everyone.


There are very few tentative plans for activities during the gathering. In an effort to keep the atmosphere loose and sociable, we have not planned any “hard and fast” activities for the group as a whole. However, there are a few options if the SC membership as a whole (who plan to attend) decide they would like to do a structured activity. This needs to be decided on early, however, so that group reservations may be made:
• Water Ways Water Park
About 30 minutes from Calli’s house. Features water slides, a large swimming pool, putt-putt golf, go-karts, and an indoor (virtual) archery range. Shelters are available for reservation. There would be a cost-per-person involved in reserving a shelter, but at a group/discounted rate.

• Hatfield / McCoy Trail System
This activity would be for those who own ATV’s and are able to transport them here to WV. This is a nationally-known, State-maintained trail system that is open in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. There is a fee involved in using the trail system, and this event would separate the group.

• Chief Logan State Park Amphitheater / The Aracoma Story, Inc.
In 2007, The Aracoma Story, Inc. is producing four Broadway-style musicals at the Chief Logan State Park Amphitheater. Generally, these shows run during the summer months (June, July and August), are kid-friendly and generally very good (for volunteer acting companies). There is a fee involved for tickets ($12 for adults, $7 for kids I think) but group rates are offered. If one of these shows are in production, this could be a good group activity.

• Just “hanging out”
If we want, we don’t have to do anything other than hang out in Calli’s back yard and socialize. There is plenty of room for a campfire or two, room for games in the front yard, and I wouldn’t complain if you wanted to bring your guitar for a sing-along. This is by far the cheapest option, and we can always come up with “backyard” activities (hiking, horseshoes, etc.) that will occupy our time.

We would also like to hold a “real-life guild night” featuring a 50/50 draw for those in attendance. Half the money would go to the winner of the draw, and the other half could go to one of the following: (A) a charity in the name of the Sleeper Cartel, (B) to fund next yearÂ’s gathering or (C) to offset server costs for the Sleeper Cartel (website, Teamspeak, etc.). We should decide, as a guild, where the “guild half” of the 50/50 draw will go.


We hope to be able to provide you with a few souvenirs from your visit to West Virginia, and your participation in the Sleeper Cartel event. Possible inclusions are:
• An “event t-shirt” customized for the Sleeper Cartel and this event;
• A World of Warcraft item; and
• A small West Virginia souvenir.

If you have suggestions for other items that might be included in our “goody bag” for the event, please let us know! If you have something that you, personally, would like to add, bring it with you!


Yes, you knew it was coming; the cost for the event. While this is an event for the Sleeper Cartel members and all are invited to attend, in order to offset some of the costs for the supplies, food and “goody bag” items, we request (not require) that for each family that plans to attend a small donation of $5 (this is per family, not per family member). If you wish to donate more, donations of up to $20 per family will be accepted. We do not intend for this request to be a deterrent to your attendance – if you want to come but simply can’t afford to donate, that’s okay; you’re still more than welcome to attend. This amount may be adjusted based on the needs of the gathering (for reserving picnic shelters, tickets to shows, etc.), but we don’t foresee the amount per family exceeding the $20 mark.


This event is scheduled for a private residence that is located in a neighborhood. Calli and Xartan have neighbors (including those that live back in town) that they have to live next to once the event is over. If the event is as big as we would like it to be, this could develop into the public face of the Sleeper Cartel.

In an effort to keep this gathering positive and without repercussions for Calli and Xartan, here are a few ground rules:

• Personal conduct during your stay is very important. This gathering is a family event, and therefore should not be viewed as an opportunity to “hook up” with a guild member. If this is what you have in mind, please consider planning a private meeting outside of this event.

• Alcohol, while not strictly forbidden while at Calli’s house should be used in extreme moderation. This is a family event after all which will include (hopefully) some parents of our younger guildies.

• Any time the Sleepers are “in public” (away from Calli’s house) or driving, alcohol is strictly forbidden. There are no real (reputable) bars in town besides, but public drunkenness in town will not be tolerated, and you'll be asked to leave the gathering if it occurs.

These are the only rules that those of us planning this event have decided should be “hard and fast” rules. Remember, this section of our “planning” can be modified or added to at any time, so make sure youÂ’re sure you and your family can stick to the rules and have no problem with them before you commit to attendance.


1. Question: I’m a member of the SC, but I’m under 18, so I can’t come, right?
Answer: Nope, you can come. Your parents are invited, too! This will give them the opportunity to meet some of the people you spend a lot of your time on-line with, and a chance for us to reassure them that we’re not all weirdos. If the parents of our under-age members would like to contact the event organizers (via telephone or email) prior to the event, please get in contact with Callistana or Darias for contact information.

2. Question: What if I would like to donate to the party, but I can’t attend?
Answer: We will accept your donation to help with the party, but request that you not donate more than $5 (US) if you don’t plan on attending. And, thank you! If you want to donate but can’t come, thank you!

3. Question: I know you said $5 - $20 was all you are asking for the party, but how much is this really going to cost me?
Answer: This event can cost you, personally, as much or as little as you’d like to spend. It can be as cheap as gas in your car for the trip to WV and the cost of a pizza, or as expensive as two nights in the West Virginia Suite, airfare into WV, car rental…the list goes on. This trip is what you make it, as well as the event. The more the merrier, and the more people we have in attendance the more activities we’ll be able to do. Also, depending on the cost involving in the silk-screening of our event shirts, there may be an additional cost involved in purchasing them. Further information on the cost for the event will be forthcoming.

4. Question: Will there be activities specifically for the children in attendance?
Answer: Yes. We are planning on crafts for the children to create, a few games for the children, and a few other kid-specific activities. We are also considering a kids’ goody-bag to take home, too.

5. Question: What happens if someone in attendance gets out of hand?
Answer: Anyone in attendance who does not adhere to the rules as stated above will be asked to leave the gathering. Should problems arise that are not covered by the gathering rules, we (the event organizers) will deal with them on a case-by-case basis, and we hope to resolve them to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

6. Question: What information would you need from me and my family if we want to attend?
Answer: Ideally, for all those in attendance, we would like to have the full name of everyone you're bringing and a contact telephone number. This would help us to keep track of everyone, make sure no one gets lost or left behind, and provide a way to stay in contact with one another should we decide to do an “off-site activity”.

7. Question: Who is invited?
Answer: If you are an active member of the Sleeper Cartel at the time of the gathering, you are welcome to attend. Past members who wish to attend will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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