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Old World Raiding
pre-TBC raid cliff notes
Last updated August 28, 2007 @ 8:38:17AM
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Old World Raiding

The instances:

Zul'Gurub (20 raiders @ 50+)
Molten Core (40 raiders @ 55+)
Blackwing Lair (40 raiders #60+)
Onyxia's Lair (40 raiders @ 55+)
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (20 raiders @ 60+)
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (40 raiders @ 58+) (60+++)
Naxxramas (40 raiders @ 58+)

So, I don't have to be level 60 or higher?

Nope. In order to make these runs you need only three things:
1) Be a high enough level to enter the instance.
2) Have a brain.
3) Be attuned (see below) if the instance requires it.

have a brain?

We know you have a brain, but my experience is that raiders have certain expectations that non-raiders may not be away of.
For example if you're a level 50 in ZG, you can expect everything to aggro on you from a mile away. Sure, I know 3 other players walked nice and close, but a level 50 in ZG has an aggro radius a mile wide. Raiders know this. Non raiders tend to forget this.
Now we're not demanding you have a certain spec or certain gear or enchants out the wazoo, but please, please do the following:
1) Show up with undamaged gear.
2) Have some mana/healing pots and a pile of first aid bandages. Or at least don't expect them to be provided for you.
3) Read a little bit about the instance in advance, such as wowwiki.
4) If you're an engineer with a repair bot, know that I love you.
5) When we're going over how to kill a boss or do a hard pull without wiping, please listen.
6) If at all possible, have TS installed and running so that you can listen.
7) Install whatever mods you think will help, don't expect anyone else to have mods installed (we don't require them), and don't start spamming DPS meters unless you really want to ruin everyone's time.

You mentioned undamaged gear and repair bots, isn't this going to be easy?

Oh heck no. This is going to be a wipefest. We're going to have a lot of fun and see a lot of content but a pile of badly geared zerging casuals are going to wipe, even if they are all at 70 (and we're not). There will be bosses that slap us silly. We will learn from that and move on.

Ok, what about this attunement stuff?

Zul Gurub: No attunement needed! Woot!
MC: You need to complted Attunement to the Core in BRD.
BWL: You need to complete Blackhand's Command in URBS.
Ony: You need to have a [Drakefire Amulet] in your inventory. See this guide to see just how long a quest line you're looking at completing.
AQ 20 and AQ 40: No attunement needed! WOOT!
Naxx : First, get at least honored with the Argent Dawn. Then pay them off. See the linked web page for details.

That's it?

Well, yeah. Honestly, if it wasn't for Ony, no one would even worry about attunement but Ony attunement is a giant pain in the neck, right up there with getting an URBS key and the opening of the AQ gates.


Ony Attunement guide
Keys Guide
Instance Attunement (old world)
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