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Gruul's Lair - Mage Tanking
Mage Tanking is a specific role within the High King Maulgar encounter of Gruul's Lair.
Last updated August 3, 2007 @ 12:08:04AM
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Why a Mage Tank?
Krosh's spells ignore all fire resist. He also does a blast wave to anyone in close range. I've seen it kill rogues in two hits. However, Krosh casts a nice shield on himself that decreases the amount of magical damage that one takes- and a mage can steal it.

So you want to be a Mage Tank...
It's actually a very simple job once you get accustomed to it, but there is a lot of pressure. Before you sign up for this, please know what you're getting into:
1. You are responsible for calling the pull, so you need a mic.
2. You need the appropriate gear: 9500HP unbuffed (10K+ recommended) and a lot of +hit. A good mana pool is also recommended.
3. You are responsible for correctly positioning yourself and Krosh.
4. You are responsible for spell stealing on time. One miss and you wipe the raid.

Mage Tank Death = Wipe
If Krosh gets loose he will start casting fireballs at random people. They hit for about 9K and ignore all fire resist. In less than a minute he can knock out most of the raid, and once loose he's virtually impossible for another mage to pick up. Essentially, if the Mage Tank goes down, the raid will wipe. No pressure. ;)

Mage Tank Healers
The Mage Tank needs a dedicated healer, two if need be. Your target MUST BE TOPPED OFF WHEN THE SHIELD DROPS. When the shield drops the mage tank will take over 9K dmg, which means they need roughly 10K to survive- more if there is a resist.

Group Balance
The Mage Tank's group should include at least one shadow priest for the mana regen. Because the mage has to pick a lot of high stam gear, he/she will usually be sacrificing other stats like int. This means that the mage will have an abnormally small mana pool. A shaman can also help with mana tide. The mage will also need an imp from a warlock parked right next to him. The pet should be put on passive, stay and permanently phase shifted. By the way, if someone tosses a Salvation on you, please click it off. You want Kings/Wisdom.

Basically, you hug the right wall and inch forward until you get in range with pyroblast. The imp should be parked in the same place.

Where to Stand The arrow is you.
Where to Stand Closer shot of where to stand (after cleared).
Positioning Map This is the positioning that my horde guild uses.
Positioning Map Another option. Mulgar is in a weird location.
I've also seen a strat suggesting that Krosh be pulled to the middle of the room. This is a huge mistake. You want him off to one side where people aren't going to accidentally get blast waved to death.

The Pull
Things must be timed in perfect coordination. If you have hunters, they should be standing by to misdirect onto the tank as soon as your count reaches zero. I recommend starting by casting pyroblast as it has the longest cast time (6sec). You need to be on Vent/TS counting down your spell. When you hit zero the hunters need to pull. If the timing is done correctly, your pyroblast should hit Krosh at the exact same time as the hunter's shots on the other mobs. (Note: Some mages may prefer to instant-cast pull using Presence of Mind. Timing still needs to be coordinated). As Krosh runs forward he will cast his spell shield. STEAL IT. Krosh will run up to where you started the pull, but you don't want to be that close to him. As soon as you have the shield on yourself back up a bit, or just turn around and blink.

Now you get to stand around casting scorch. It doesn't need to be that often, just 2-3 times between each spell steal. Stealing the shield will generate a nice bit of aggro on Krosh, and should keep him on you. Make sure you aren't casting anything right before your shield fades, as you need to pick up his shield immediately after it's cast.

Krosh will start hitting you with fireballs, but since you have his shield on you'll only take around 2K damage. However, there is a gap between when your shield fades and when you can steal a new one- this is the reason for the stam gear. Krosh will get a direct hit on you, causing 9K+ damage. As soon as he recasts his shield you need to steal it. A resist at this point is usually fatal, as you may not have enough time to try again.

If you get low on mana remember to call out for mana tide or innervate. Evocation is not recommended. I've personally never had a problem with running out of mana, even without a shadow priest. I am extremely conservative about casting scorches though. My husband, who has also mage tanked, consistently runs low on mana during this fight.

Once the other adds are cleared and the ranged DPS moves to kill your target you can stop casting scorch (still spell steal) and begin using more damaging spells. Just be careful not to run out of mana. Spell steal is still your priority.
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