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Player-Made Quests: How It's Done II
A Case Study of "The Sleeper Identity" to illustrate the points made in "Player-Made Quests: How It's Done"
Last updated July 31, 2007 @ 9:37:40AM
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Player-Made Quests: A Case Study
(or, How It?s Done, Part II)

Guild Server-Wide Party: The Sleeper Supremacy
Guild Party Theme: Spy, High-class party, black-tie
Quest Name: ?The Sleeper Identity?
Number of Volunteers Needed: 11
?Hapless Rogue?
?Hidden Rogue 1-8?
?Quest Starter?

Items Required:
In-Game letter containing ?the most deadly poison formula known
to man? (multiple copies)
8 Yellow-colored capes

At the rogue academy at Ravenholdt, many fine, upstanding rogues have passed through the hallowed halls. The curriculum isn't easy, but with hard work and perseverance, prospective master rogues will survive..err...pass the class. It is a humbling experience, to say the least.

One rogue, however, has allowed her ego to take the place of care and meticulous study. She believes that she doesn't need her studies to be successful, and has stolen the documentation of a new poison rumored to be the most powerful ever devised. She's fled into the mountains, and to prove her stealth ability, has hidden there. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find our hapless rogue and retrieve the documents.

A wrench has been thrown in the hapless rogue's plan, however, and a rival rogue academy has gotten wind of the new poison formula. They have sent their best and brightest to retrieve the formula, and have found it all too easy to waylay the hapless rogue and lift the documents. Even now, they range among the hills and perhaps even among the party goers. One of them carries the stolen documents.

Find the hapless rogue, get what information you can from her, and then retrieve the documents from the rival academy rogues. Good luck!

This message will self-destruct in fifteen seconds...fourteen...thirteen...

How the Quest Was Played Out:
The ?Hapless Rogue? was instructed to find a spot in the hills surrounding Ravenholdt Manner and lay on the ground. She would groan and moan as though she had been beaten senseless. She would mumble things like, ?Who did this?? and ?I remember yellow capes?? and ?They said the password was ?the griffon flies at midnight??. The player had to find the Hapless Rogue and listen to what she has to say, and then return to the party and search for Hidden Rogues at the party wearing yellow capes. When the player found the Hidden Rogues, they had to whisper ?The griffon flies at midnight? to each of them until they got the right response, which was ?But carries no draenei?, and would be handed a copy of The Documents. The player would find eight yellow-caped Hidden Rogues, but each player was assigned to a different Hidden Rogue. The player then took the documents to the Quest Starter to receive their prize. The Runner role would recycle letters that were turned in to the Quest Starter back out to Hidden Rogues.

Why It?s Fun
Well, it just is. It?s an opportunity for the player to do a quest that?s new and inventive, created by a player, cast by players, and ?prized? by players. I usually give gold (or party tokens, which equal gold) for just completing the quest, and the players generally have time to do all the other activities we host at our parties and do the quest. What makes these quests fun, too, is that they are a one-time shot; you can only ?get? the quest at our party, while the party is going on. Once the party is over, so is the quest (although I usually host it one more time after that, for the guild only, because the majority of our guild members are busy doing their own party duties and don?t get a chance to run the quest while the party?s going on).

Other Quests:
In the past, I have hosted:
?The Sleeper Identity? (see above);

?Into the Mouth of Madness?, an escort-type quest which required players to escort a low-level toon through (pre-BC) Karazhan and Deadwind Pass to the party site at Raven Hill (Halloween 2006);

?The Remove-O-Matic Curse Removal System?, a scavenger hunt quest that went along with the escort quest. It required players to collect items to help remove the curse that had been placed on the low-level players from ?Into the Mouth of Madness? (Halloween 2006); and

?Sleeper-Away Camp?, a quest where players were required to go from cast member to cast member asking for items to complete a poultice that would cure a warlock (cast member) of madness (Summer 2006).

See also How It's Done, a "how-to" manual for creating player-made quests.
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