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WoW On-Line Guides
There are many, many great WoW resource sites out there. Here are a few that we've gathered over time.
Last updated November 27, 2006 @ 8:18:14AM
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(Originally from this thread.)

I've tried to group the lists into categories for easy finding. Please feel free to suggest additional sites to those listed here by e-mailng me.


World of Warcraft (Official Site)
Begining players really should head here first. There are a lot of articles out there to read including (but not limited to) the The forums are loaded with good stuff.

One of the most widely used resources out there. You can search on an item or creature and get information like where something is dropped and by what, maps to where NPCs are located, or what a particular component might be used in. Explore the site for other good information.

Allakhazam's Magical Realm
This site is similar to Thottbot but runs a little slower often (mostly due to the ads/popups). One nice feature this site has, however, is an approximate average value for an item. Keep in mind though that the prices listed are across ALL servers, not just Perenolde (or wherever you hang).

The Goblin Workshop
Another database type site. Kind of the "Independant" vote in a government race.

WoW Wiki
Great site with all sorts of WoW information. If you're familiar with Wikipedia, this uses the same engine, but it's directed at WoW instead. It's really great to get background lore on a particular mob/NPC as well as has tons of information on zones. It's EXTREMELY useful to get strategies on boss takedowns (regardless of level).


Maps @
This one is one of Karin's favs. Good detail on some of the resource location maps (even thought it's a bit limited on how many maps they have).
This uses the Google mapping engine and is very smooth. You may need to refresh every so often if you zoom in and out too much, but otherwise, it's pretty clean. I use this a lot in planning races as I can get down to the tightest zoom level in-game and copy & past large areas together.

Kaldorei Maps
This is a GREAT map engine, but it's a REALLY slow load. Someone did a lot of work with CSS / rollovers on this one. You have flight paths, and a complete map of the entire realm. You can also click on zones to get the same map you get when you hit "M" in-game. (Some of those have mouse-over highlights, and some have map legends. Some have nothing but the map.)

World Of Warcraft (Official) Flash Map
Blizz's version of the world map. Contains flight paths as with Kaldore, but without as much overhead.


Profession PDFs
Downloadable PDFs for all the professions.


NOTE on Mod Sites: Developer preference has a lot to do with which site a mod is on. Keep this in mind...
- what is on World of War might not be on Curse
- vice versa
- it might be up-to-date on both
- it might be on both, but out-of-date.
If there's a mod you need, I can almost guarantee they have it! Try not to get too crazy though: live by mods, lag by mods.

Curse Gaming
Another excellent site for mods.

I've never used this one personally, but it could be another option to look at.


Grinding Guide
Want 60 fast? Check out this link. It is from a horde point-of-view but can be done by alliance as well.

Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide
This is a VERY thorough leveling guide. Someone seriously plays too much here.

A Roadmap through Azeroth at Level 60
Pretty good read. Good places to target and just as elementary as leveling to 10.


Kaliban's Class Loot Lists
So, you're wondering where's the best place for you class & level to get some neat-o gear? Perhaps you're trying to twink up your PvP rogue for the 10-19 BG. This is what you need. Very cool site.

Perenolde Faces of WoW
Okay, this is just fun. Meet your fellow Perenolde players, and maybe post your own pic.

Instance Grouping Guide at
Learn2playyourclassn00b. (Suggested by Foxtrot. Not the comment, just the link.)
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