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Annora of Uldaman ? Unjustly Exiled
An in-depth investigation into the disappearance of the Master Enchantress
Last updated May 31, 2007 @ 12:08:34PM
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Annora of Uldaman ? Unjustly Exiled

While doing research for another hard-hitting investigative article on the flight master conspiracy, another mystery was brought to light by one of my informants. A certain ?Mister X? (who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of the same fate) said to me, ?Aye, lass, since you be investigatin?, find out whatever became o? that loverly Annora. Ain?t seen her in nigh on ten year!?

This piqued my interest, and I set about investigating the disappearance of Annora the Enchantress from the more populated areas of Azeroth. It didn?t take long to ascertain her location; she has been exiled from the streets of Stormwind for some unknown reason. Although it took a fair bit of battle to reach her, I did manage to find her in the depths of Uldaman amid the troggs and scorpions, huddled in a small cave defending herself with a couple of flaming torches. She was understandably jumpy when I approached, but warmed up once I identified myself.

We spent a couple of hours just talking about her situation, and the many advances in the world outside Uldaman, on the surface. She was quite emotional (which is also understandable), but was able to relay her story to me.

?Mister X is right in saying I?ve been here for ten years,? she started, ?and there isn?t anything to indicate to me that I?ll be leaving any time soon. I hate this place. I haven?t had a peaceful night?s sleep since I ended up here, and all these people come from Ironforge, Darnassus and Stormwind just to obtain what I have, not for any sort of social interaction. I barely get a ?thank you? out of most of them that come. It isn?t fair, I tell you. I just can?t understand why I?m here in the first place.?

I asked her to start at the beginning and tell me the whole story. She was reticent at first, but once I convinced her that just by telling me of her fate that I would not share it, she opened up a bit more. According to Annora, this is what happened:

?I was minding my own business, that of enchanting, amid the streets of Stormwind. I had done so for many years, finding no difference between the most common of enchanters and those of royal blood. My knowledge was accessible to all regardless of class; I only required that a sufficient amount of training had been achieved prior to seeking the knowledge I hold. That all changed one fine spring day when Lady Prestor approached me, asking to be trained.

?I told her, in no uncertain terms, that she was not ready for the level of enchanting education I had to offer. She became enraged at me, when obviously, it was her own fault she wasn?t ready to learn what I had to teach. She demanded that I share my knowledge, and when I attempted to teach her, she could not grasp what I was telling her. This enraged her further, and she began to mutter in a strange language I could not understand. It was not the ancient language of enchanting, but some twisted, defiled language that burned through my brain with each word. I lost consciousness, and when I awoke, I was here, in this blasted cave. I?ve been here ever since??

Annora?s eyes became distant at this point, and I deducted that she was lost in the memory of the day and the terrible event. I roused her from memory with my next question, when I asked if she had ever attempted escape.

?Of course I?ve tried to escape! Are you so daft as to suggest that I would willingly remain in this place if I could get away? I am able to wander the cave and the grounds of Uldaman freely, but when I attempt to exit these grounds, I find myself right back in this spot, awakening from unconsciousness. I don?t know the term of my exile, but it is futile to try and leave this place. I fear I am doomed to live out my life in this horrible place.?

As the interview neared its end, I asked Annora if she knew of the latest development in the world of enchanting, the emergence of another master enchanter in the city of Shattrath in the newly-discovered Outlands.

?I had not heard of her, no, but it stands to reason. Very few people come seeking my knowledge these days. I fear my existence has become obsolete, and I am truly a relic of the past. How much longer before someone seeks me out only to find a pile of bones, slowly decaying among the scorpions and troggs? Not long, I fear, not long.?

With a heavy heart, I left Uldaman and Annora the Enchantress. I could feel her eyes on my back as I fought my way through the creatures that inhabit Uldaman. The mystery has been solved, and the first thing I did upon my arrival back in Stormwind was to inform Mister X of Annora?s fate. I then retired to my modest, comfortable apartment to write this account, fully conscious of my comfortable surroundings in light of the Annora?s quarters deep under the mountain.

In conclusion, I say that immediate and decisive action should be taken against Lady Katrana Prestor. It is through her selfish acts that Annora has been unjustly exiled into the caves of Uldaman. She does not deserve to be there, and should not be forced to remain imprisoned so. Take up arms, citizens of Stormwind! Free Annora!
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