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Guide to WoW Acronyms & Terms
Kiral's guide to the terminology and slang used by WoW players.
Last updated November 27, 2006 @ 5:20:29AM
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I personally always had trouble understanding some of the terms used in WoW when I was a newbster (First Deadmines run I went on I said to the group leader, "Stop asking me to use Pull, I said I don't have that attack!" o_- Didn't end well) and I didn't know what the heck a PUG was till post-60, so here's a little guide that might help someone in my situation out. ^^

If you'd like to find out what a certain emoticon means, you can visit this page.

To find a specific term, you can search for it using Control+F on Windows or Command+F on Macintosh. To clarify your search, check the "Match Whole Word Only" box so as to avoid pulling up word fragments (note: this is not possible on some Macs).


LFG - Looking For Group

LFM - Looking For More (numbers can be added in between F and M to specify, eg. LF2M)

WTB ? Want To Buy

WTS ? Want To Sell

WTT ? Want To Trade

LFH ? Looking For Help

PST - Please Send Tell

DOT ? Damage Over Time (periodic damage)

DD ? Direct Damage

DPS ? Damage Per Second. A DPS class (eg., "LF DPS for Deadmines) would be one that does much damage in a short period of time (ex. Rogue, Warlock...)

MT - Main Tank

MA - Main Assist

OT - Offtank / Off Topic

OBO - Or Best Offer

MH - Main Healer

TY - Thank You

TYVM - Thank You Very Much

YW - You're Welcome

IMO - In My Opinion

IMHO - In My Honest Opinion

FTW - For The While / For The Win / F*** The World (Generally For The Win)

BTW - By The Way

GTG - Good To Go / Got To Go (generally Good To Go)

G2G - Got To Go / Good To Go (generally Got To Go)

UI ? User Interface

TTYL ? Talk To You Later

AD - Argent Dawn

AoE - Area of Effect

AI - Arcane Intellect

DI - Divine Intervention; a Paladin spell in which the Paladin sacrifices himself to remove the targeted party member from harms way. Enemies will stop attacking the protected party member, who will be immune to all harmful attacks but cannot take any action for three minutes.

BoP - Bind on Pickup.

BoE - Bind on Equip.

FH - Full Health

FM - Full Mana

FP - Flight Path

JSYK - Just So You Know

JIC - Just In Case

OOM - Out of Mana

LOM - Low on Mana

GM - Game Master / Guild Master

MT - Mistell (typing a message in the wrong chat)

FvF - Faction vs. Faction

PvE - Player vs. Environment

PvP - Player vs. Player

BG - Battleground.

HP - Hit Points (your health)

AE - Area Effect

AFK - Away From Keyboard (or, A Free Kill, hehe ^_^)

NP - No Problem

WB - Welcome Back

FYI ? For Your Information

FWIW - For What It's Worth

BRB ? Be Right Back

OMW ? On My Way

BRT ? Be Right There

PUG ? Pick-Up Group; A group of players with no conection to each other (via Gulid, etc) that bands together fight through an Dungeon or Battleground.

PK ? Player Kill / Player Killer (aka PKer)

NPC - Non-player Character

PC - Player Character / Personal Computer

IRL - In Real Life

DC / DCd / DC'd / Disco'd / Disco'ed - Disconnected.

GD - Good duel.

RL - Real Life

RP - Role-Play(ing)

RPG - Roleplaying Game

MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online

MMOG - Massively Multiplayer Online Game

MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game

MUD - Multi-User Domain

GS - Goldshire

SS - Southshore / Soulstone

WF ? Westfall

IF ? Ironforge

AH ? Auction House

SW ? Stormwind

STV - Stranglethorn Vale

UD ? Undead.

UC ? Undercity

TB ? Thunder Bluff

WSG - Warsong Gulch

AB - Arathi Basin

AV - Alterac Valley

EPL - Eastern Plaguelands

WPL - Western Plaguelands

RR - Redridge

RH ? Razor Hill

BRS - Blackrock Spire (an instance)

UBRS - Upper Blackrock Spire (an instance, part of BRS)

LBRS - Lower Blackrock Spire (an instance, part of BRS)

SM - Scarlet Monastery (an instance)

DM - Dire Maul / Deadmines (instances)

BFD - Blackfathom Deeps (instance)

AQ - Ahn'Qiraj (two different instances: either AQ20, a twenty-man raid dungeon, or AQ40, a 40-man raid dungeon)

BRD - Blackrock Depths (instance)

RFD ? Razorfen Downs (instance)

ZG ? Zul?Gurub (instance)

MC - Molten Core (instance) / Mind Control

ZF ? Zul?Farrak (instance)

WC ? Wailing Caverns (instance)

SFK ? Shadowfang Keep (instance)

ST ? Sunken Temple (aka Temple of Atal?Hakkar, instance)

SC ? Shadowcraft (the first Rogue Dungeon Set) / Sleeper Cartel (Us! =D)

SW:P - Shadow Word: Pain (Priest attack)

QFT ? Quoted For Truth

FA - First Aid.

LoH - Lay on Hands (Paladin spell).

LW - Leatherworking.

BS - Blacksmith / Bull***t

LOL - Laugh Out Loud (of course)

LOLZ ? plural version of LOL

ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing

LMAO ? Laugh(ing) My A** Off

LMFAO ? Laugh(ing) My F***ing A** Off

WTF ? What The F***

OMG ? Oh My God

OMFG ? Oh My F***ing God

STHU - Shut The Hell Up

STFU ? Shut The F*** Up

FPS - First-Person Shooter

CS - CounterSpell (Mage spell) / Counter-Strike (an online FPS)

EQ ? EverQuest (a MMORPG)

SWG ? Star Wars Galaxies (a MMORPG)

CoV ? City of Villains (a MMORPG)

CoH ? City of Heroes (a MMORPG)

GW ? Guild Wars (a MMORPG)

ES ? Elder Scrolls (a series of offline RPGs)

WoW ? World of Warcraft

Frequently Used Terms

Ninja ? A player who takes a piece of loot that s/he was not entitled to.

Ninja Looting - Peforming the act above.

Aggro ? A hostile mob (marked red) attacking you / a mob?s aggression level towards you (increases with damage dealt to it, threat-inducing abilites, or heals cast on its current target)

Alt ? An alternate Character.

Toon / Avatar / Char ? Your character.

Creep ? A monster.

Log ? Logging Off of the game.

Relog - Logging out and back into the game, usually to fix a technical issue

Drop ? An item that can be looted off of slain mobs.

Int ? Intelligence

Inc ? Incoming.

Kiting ? A style of combat in which a player continues to deal damage to an enemy while staying out of its combat range.

Stunlock ? Keeping an opposing mob or enemy player in a constant stun while they are attacked.

Mob ? An (usually enemy) NPC, condensed form of Mobile.

Newbie ? A player new to the game.

Lowbie ? A low level character.

LoS - Line of Sight.

Pere - Perenolde.

Zomg - An exaggerated and/or sarcastic variant of "OMG" (Oh My God).

Noob / n00b ? An insult.

Nub - Noob. See above.

Nublet ? Noob. See above.

Nubsauce ? Noob. See above.

Nubsausage ? Noob. See above.

d00d - Dude.

Respawn ? Reappear. (ex. ?The mob respawned.?)

Rez / Res ? Resurrect.

Nelf ? Night Elf

Fort ? Fortification, implying Power Word: Fortitude (Priest Buff).

Power Word - See above.

Plz / Pls ? Please.

Kk ? Okay.

Blizz - Blizzard.

Gob - Goblin.

Scholo - Scholomance (instance)

Strat / Strath - Stratholme (instance)

Scarlet Strat - A side of Stratholme occupied mostly by the Scarlet Crusade.

Strat(h) SM / SM2 / Live Strat(h) - Scarlet Stratholme. See above.

UD Strat(h) - A side of Stratholme occupied by the Undead.

Geddon - Baron Geddon, a boss in Molten Core. (Not to be confused with Mr. Rivendare below.)

(The) Baron - Baron Rivendare; the final boss in the Undead side of Stratholme.

45-minute Baron - An objective in the Tier 0.5 questline asking the player to slay Baron Rivendare (see above) in 45 minutes or less to save the life of a woman from the Argent Dawn.

Blizzard - Mage AoE Attack / The company that created World of Warcraft.

Teld - Teldrassil.

Darn - Darnassus.

Flagged - Being flagged for PvP.

Alch - Alchemy.

Eng / Engi - Engineering.

Herb - Herbalism (in proper context)

Ubah ? Uber.

Ubahness - Uberness.

Hax ? Hacks.

Haxx0rz ? Hacks / Hacker (usually used in a joking or sarcastic way)

Suxx0rz ? Sucks.

Ony - Onyxia

1337 / L33t / Leet - Elite.

1337 Speak - Leet speak, t@1k1ng r3p1@c1ng 13tt3r5 w1t4 numb3r5 @nd 5ymb015, l1k3 t415.

Ph33r - Fear (see above).

Thnx/thanx/thx/tnx/tx ? Thanks.

Roffle - Variation of ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing) as it would be pronounced.

Pull ? To draw a mob away from other mobs.

Add - An extra mob that is drawn into a battle.

Giver ? A term used by a group to let the puller know they are ready.

Grinding - Killing the same selection of mobs repeatedly to gain experience.

Farming (1) - Killing the same mobs over and over again until a desired item drops.

Farming (2) - Killing mobs over and over again to acquire many items (or many of the same items) to later sell at the Auction House. In some cases, gold acquired will be sold over third-party websites (note that this is against Blizzard's Terms of Service)

Farmer - A player engaging in the act above. Also known as Chinese Farmers, as many of those who do such are Chinese.

Rag - Ragnaros, a boss in Molten Core.

Sleepers - Members of the coolest guild ever.

O RLY? - Oh Really?

Ya RLY - Yeah really!

NO WAI - No Way

YA WAI - Yeah Way

SRSLY - Seriously.

Chuck Norris - An internet phenomena, consisting of hyberboles exaggerating Chuck's power and putting him at a superhuman level.

Pally - Paladin

Lock - Warlock

Shammy ? Shaman

War / Warr ? Warrior.

Rouge ? Frequent misspelling of Rogue. (*sigh*)

Lawl - A variation of LOL (Laugh Out Loud) as it would be pronounced.

Pat - Patrol.

Resto Druid - A Druid with talents in the Restoration tree.

Shadow Priest - A Priest with talents in the Shadow tree.

Healer - A class that can heal other players. (Typically a Priest or Restoration-specced Druid)

Healadin - A Paladin specced to be more effective in Healing.

Tank - A class that is built to be able to withstand lots of damage, and is used to take aggro in instance runs. (A Warrior is generally the first choice for a Tank.)

Caster ? A casting class (mage, warlock, etc.)

Rare Mob ? A mob that drops better-than-average loot, but appears less frequently. Identified by a silver dragon around its portrait.
Hybrid ? A class that carries the traits of other classes (ie. Shaman, Druid?)

Exp/XP ? Experience Points.

Pew pew / Pewpew - an onomatopoeia; representing the sound when a gun or lazer is fired. (Often combined with other phrases to form words such as "Zomgwtfroflbbqtomatopewpewpew")

Teh - A misspelling of 'the', sometimes intentional.

Leik - A (usually intentional) misspelling of 'like'.

Range ? A distance from which an ability works / To attack something from a distance

Pwned ? Owned.

Zerg - To swarm an enemy with overwhelming numbers.

Spec ? A talent specialization.

Respec ? Respecialize; to redo a toon?s talent tree.

Mod ? AddOns that make up UIs. Mods are downloadable through some third-party sites such as Curse-Gaming and can provide some helpful improvements to the normal WoW interface. See Vint's guide here for more information on Mods.

Tier (1, 2, & 3) ? A set of higher-level armour, unique to each class, attained through instances. The higher the Tier number, the more powerful the armour set is. You can experiment with these sets here.

Wipe ? An entire group dying.
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