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A Healthy Sleeper is a Happy Sleeper!
A guide of a ew quick and easy tips you can do to live a little healthier and feel a little better.
Last updated February 1, 2007 @ 5:20:21PM
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Ok, this is totally random, but as a college student, frequent WoWer, and a semi-health conscious person, I thought I would share some things I've learned with my fellow Sleepers.

As of right now, 65% of Adult Americans are overweight. That number is shocking, and I would have never believed it had I not heard it directly from my health professor. So it made me think. When I'm sitting on my bed, playing WoW on my laptop, how is it affecting my body? Even though WoW is definitely the coolest and most fun game I've ever played, sitting on my bu for hours at a time is not doing much for me. Every person's metabolism is different, and even when the body is not active, it is still burning calories. Unfortunately for me, because of my calorie intake, combined with constant WoW'ing and sitting on my rear-end, my metabolism can't keep up. So I wondered how many other WoW'ers, or ANY gamer, are having the same problem, and may not even know about it! So here are some healthy tips you can follow to help balance your daily activities, and stay a healthy, happy Sleeper.

-A balanced healthy weight is determined by one simple formula. Calorie intake has to be equal to calories burned in a day. If you burn more then you take in, you will lose weight, and if you take in more then you burn, you will adversely gain weight. Pretty straight forward. So, when choosing the perfect snack to help you kill those pesky Murlocs, try reaching for some fresh fruit over the Cheetos. It is recommended that an average person's diet consist of 65% carbs daily, and the complex carbohydrates found in fruits are an excellent choice.

-Drink water! Water is the best thing for your body when it comes to drinks. Sure, soda's good, but the sodium in soda often leaves you thisty anyway. Water cleanses your body of toxins, and keeps you hydrated. Not to mention, it's a heck of alot cheaper, and being a college student, I like that. :)

-Schedule some 'AFK' time. Even though it sometimes takes a while to complete that tricky quest chain, or grind to the next level, sitting and staring at a computer screen for prolonged amounts of time can end up hurting more then you might think. Not only is your body not active, but it's also not good for your eyes, and may cause headaches. Schedule yourself a little outdoors time, maybe every other day, or whenever you'd like. Take a walk, or even do some yardwork. Walking significantly increases your heart rate, which in turn increases your metabolism, burning those calories, and a good walk can do alot for you.

-Don't play in the dark. Straining by staring at a computer screen in a dimly lit room is very stressful for your eyes. This can cause irritation, or even headaches. It's best to turn on a lamp or two while you play.

-Another often overlooked problem that gamers have (and even non-gamers) is the position of your body when you play. Sitting in a poorly structured chair strains your bones, especially your spine and the base of your neck. Also, improper positioning of your hands and wrists while using the computer can lead to joint pains, and even sometimes carpal tunnel (I know, as I suffer from that for poor computer usage).

These are just a few things you can change in your daily activities that will greatly improve the way you feel. And feeling well, and being well can have a great effect on your over all life, not to mention your level of enjoyment of World of Warcraft. :)

*Turned into an aritcle upon request.
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