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Soloing the Dark Coffer
a sneaky person's guide to fun and profit in BRD
Last updated December 20, 2006 @ 12:46:30PM
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One of the best things about life as a rogue (or druid) is sneaking around and getting into places alone which most people have to fight long and hard to reach. Some of these destinations are just for fun (i.e. walking around the roof of Orgrimmar) while others can yield some benefit to you also. One of the more useful places to solo is to the Dark Coffer in the Blackrock Depths instance.

The Dark Coffer is the sole source for some of the items needed to complete the Libram Quests, most notably the Burning Essence which is required for the +20 Fire Resist. In addition to these items the coffer often contains some green gear and/or a crafting recipe. So if you?re interested, head to BRD, zone into the instance and follow along!

Here?s my favorite way to get to the Coffer Room. Once zoned in, turn left and unlock the door. (You?re a level 60 rogue so you do have your picklock skill maxed out right? In fact I think you can pick the BRD locks with 280 skill but don?t quote me on that.) Activate your stealth and continue straight, avoiding the patrolling fire elemental. Sneak past the group of dwarves, being very careful of the doggies who can see through stealth. Distract the dogs so that you can walk behind them if you?re nervous. Turn right and head down the big hallway towards the enormous doors. There are some dwarves near the door which occasionally walk around in a big line, practicing being the noobs that they are. If they are walking around be very careful since they can move quite quickly sometimes. If you?re in a new instance the giant doors should be slightly ajar so head on through. Continue across the bridge and down the narrowing hallway towards Incendius who is circling around the Black Anvil. Sneak past him and continue straight ahead into the Hall of Crafting. Carefully sneak your way up the ramps taking care to avoid the patrolling golem and also Fineous Darkvire who walks up and down these ramps too. With the ramps and golems behind you, continue straight ahead out onto the large curved balcony. Be careful of the fire elemental patrolling along here, turn left and enter the first doorway on your left.

You made it! This is the portrait room and has a few groups of mobs inside. Take special note of the cabinet looking thing on the wall just to the left of the next doorway. You should get a gear icon when you mouse over it, although it will be greyed out since you are too far away to open it. This is the portrait and it?s very important to this whole exercise. Just to the right of the portrait you will see Warder Stilgiss and his demon
doggy Verek. Behind them is the room with all the Relic Coffers around the edge and the Dark Coffer in the center of the back wall.

The Dark Coffer itself is locked and unfortunately, it cannot be picked. The only way to open it is with the Dark Keeper Key which you can only get after killing and looting the Dark Keeper. One needs to open the portrait in order to spawn the Dark Keeper in the first place, so our first goal is to open that portrait without getting pwned by all the mobs around.

The easiest way to get this done is if you have Improved Sap. In this case simply sap the mob closest to the portrait, hop on the edge of the wall and stay as close to the wall and as far to the left of the portrait as possible while still able to activate the gear icon. You will come unstealthed when you are opening it but with proper positioning you should not aggro anyone. What to do next is covered below, after discussing what to do if you are not cool enough to have Improved Sap.

The other option here is to use a little brute force and kill Stilgiss and his puppy. Happily for you, this particular hound does not have the keen eyesight that most other dogs in BRD have. Because of this, you can sneak by the pair into the coffer room itself. Take a moment to find the Dark Coffer in the center of the back wall. This is what you want to open once you have the key. To dispatch the pair in the doorway, you can safely pull them back into the room and fight them there without fear of aggroing the mobs in the portrait room. The dog is stunnable while the mage is not. Fighting both these elites at once is tough for a solo rogue, but possible if you have a fair bit of your Tier 0 and/or some ZG/MC level gear. Some buffs and potions might not hurt either. Any pair of stealthed toons should have a smooth run of it.

With those two dealt with hop up on the ledge to the right when looking back out towards the portrait room. If you're careful, you will be able to open the portrait without getting in aggro range of the folks in the room. When you open this, one of the Dark Keepers will spawn as discussed below.

For you physics fans out there, the Dark Keeper is somewhat like Schr?dinger's cat, in that there are 6 possible spawn points, but only one will happen each instance. Of the 6 spawn points, 4 and a half of them are soloable. The spots are as follows:

Dark Keeper Bethek spawns right outside the coffer room itself so be on your toes! He has 4 guards with him and the group walks back and forth between the Dark Coffer and the portrait room. Position yourself in the back corner of the coffer room and use distract (or a quick sap) to remove a single guard from the patrol. Kill him as the rest of the group continues out to the portrait room and back. This first distract pull is the hardest so keep trying even if it takes a few times to get it down. Continue pulling the guards one by one and finally kill the Keeper when he's alone. Loot the Dark Keeper Key from him and open the Coffer for your loot.

Dark Keeper Uggel spawns in the Hall of Crafting which is also very convenient. Leave the portrait room and retrace your steps to get here. Hang a right and then the next right back towards where the golems are being built. Uggel and two guards will be on your left. Since these guys don?t patrol you need to deal with all three of them. My standard approach for fighting 3 mobs like this is to sap the higher level guard, blind the second guard and then unload on the Keeper himself. If you?re super leet (like Dys for example) you may kill both the guard and Keeper before your sap expires. This would give you plenty of time to grab the key and any other goodies they may drop. However it?s quite likely that you will not have enough juice to kill the other guard once the Keeper is down. So be prepared to just shift-click the Keeper to auto-loot him and hit Vanish. Make sure you?ve got a few spots in your bag free so you actually get the key when you loot!

Dark Keeper Pelver spawns in the Domicile which is relatively close also. Leave the portrait room and head left into the Domicile. Turn left again and walk up the stairs (not the ramp!) one level and Pelver and 2 guards will be on the left in a little room with some boxes. This fight is the same as Uggel above.

Dark Keeper Zimrel spawns in the arena which is a bit of a hike to get back to. Again he is with 2 guards and they do not patrol so the fight is the same as above. The one trick here is that the arena spectators are nearby and will aggro if you get too close, so pay special attention to fight these guys very close to where they are standing when you find them. To get to the arena, the quickest way is to turn left out of the portrait room, head through the Domicile and turn right across the large bridge and enter the top level of the Arena. The section between the Domicile and Arena will have a dog present so be very sneaky. If the dog is in the middle of the room rather than the side you may have to sprint -> vanish to get away from him. Zimrel and pals will be in the stands along the left side of the arena as you enter.

The final two Keepers are Vorfalk and Ofgut who spawn in the Bar area and near General Angerforge respectively. Vorfalk is possible to solo but it involves buying many Dark Iron Ale and endlessly pulling the bar patrons one by one until the Keeper and his guards can be dealt with alone. I honestly think it?s faster to just reset the instance. If you have the patience then let ?er rip. Ofgut and pals are in an area which is just too crowded to fight without getting adds, so just reset if you get him.

Congratulations! You're a super sneaky rogue type now for sure. With the materials from the Dark Coffer in hand, you can complete the Libram quests yourself to upgrade your own gear, sell the resulting Arcanums to other players like you would an enchant, or you can help out your friends with upgrading their gear. Enjoy!
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